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Moravian University
Philosophy Conference

Program & Schedule 2010

March 27, 2010

8:30-9:15: Registration (Atrium)
9:15-9:30: Welcome and Opening Remarks (PPHAC 101)

9:30-10:40: Session 1A (PPHAC 116)

Armando Chapelliquen 
"Nothing in Excess": Nicomachean Ethics as the Groundwork for Virtue

AJ DeBonis
Reciprocality and Friendship in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

9:30-10:40: Session 1B (PPHAC 117)

Wendy Watkins
Feminism: Where Is It Today?

Michael Weaver
Animal Rights After Rawls and Nussbaum 

10:50-12:00: Session 2A (PPHAC 116)

Meredith Kluk
On Gender

Maggie Riegel
Make Love to the Paradox: An Existential Musing on Notes from Underground

10:50-12:00: Session 2B (PPHAC 117)

Jess Cortes
Is that You God? It's me, Berkeley

Rebecca Schissler
Free Will and God's Foreknowledge

12:00-1:00: LUNCH

1:00-2:10: Plenary Session (PPHAC 102)

Douglas Anderson '80
The Mestizo Life of Philosophy
Presentation of the Douglas Anderson Award in Philosophy 

2:20-3:45: Session 3A (PPHAC 116)

Daniel Brickman
Doubting Doubt: Infallibalist Foundationalism Without Cartesian Dualism

Anthony Lee
Sensation and Language

Margaret Schierberl
Kant and the Dilemma of A Priori Knowable, Synthetic Propositions

2:20-3:45: Session 3B (PPHAC 117)

James Fackino III
Selfsame Understanding (A Dialogue)

Alexander Haitos
Chisholm and Persistence Through Time: Identity Slipping Through the Cracks

Ruby Johnson
Us, Them, and the Other: Conflicts Relating to Identity

3:50-4:00: Closing Remarks (PPHAC 101)

Thanks to Everyone for an Excellent Year! We'll see you in 2011!