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Moravian University
Philosophy Conference

Program & Schedule 2013

4th Moravian Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

March 16, 2013

All rooms located in Haupert Union Building (HUB)

8:15-9:00 Registration
The HUB Lounge 

8:45-9:00 Welcome and Announcements
The Snyder Room, HUB
Dr. Jim Sklanik

9:15- 10:10 Panel 1:  Aesthetics
The Snyder Room, HUB
Chair: Dr. Cantens

Candice Travis (Lehigh University) The Anxious Leap Frog
Ryan Deifer (Northampton Community College) Existentialism and Kurt Cobain
Kevin Gialanella (East Stroudsburg University) Authentic Art

10:15-10:55 Panel 2: Religion
The Snyder Room, HUB
Chair Dr. Naraghi

Breandon Velazquez (Northampton Community College) Voltaire: Reason in the Dark
Christopher Palmer (Temple University) God Unshackled: Reflections on Necessity within Leibniz’s Metaphysics

10:55-11:05  Break

11:05-12:00  Panel 3: Ancient 
The UBC Room, HUB
Chair: Dr. Bowers

Jason Silverberg (Muhlenberg) On Aristotelian Friendship: Resolving a Logical Tension
Michael Johnson (Temple) Living the Good Life Through Love
William Cheung (Brooklyn College) On Suffering—Nietzsche Against Epicurus 

12:05-1:00 Panel 4: Language and Literature
The UBC Room, HUB
Chair: Dr. Falla

Elise Haas (University of Pittsburg) The Structure of Language
Briana Henry (University of Pennsylvania) Naming of W
Kathryn Miller (Moravian University) Fortinbras the Moral Center of Hamlet: An Analysis of Hamlet Using Aristotelian Ethics 

1:00-2:00 Lunch
The Pavilion, HUB

2:00-2:15 Department Awards 

2:15-3:15  Plenary Talk

Dr. Roslyn Weiss, Clara H. Stewardson Professor of Philosophy, Lehigh University, Justice in Republic I

3:20-4:30 Panel 5: Environmental Ethics
The UBC Room, HUB
Chair: Dr. Moeller

Grace King (ESU) Globalization: The Unstoppable Force
Katherine Johnson (Marywood University) Land Ethic Reconsidered
Caroline King (Muhlenberg College) Motivation and Moral Action: A Revision of Mark D. Reid’s “Moral Agency in MamaliaI”
Gerald Brunell (ESU) A Teleology of Transhumanism

4:35-5:45 Panel 6: Metaphysics
The UBC Room, HUB
Chair: Kathryn Miller

Diana Yarzagaray (Marywood University) An Interpretation of What-Is: Parmenides as a Dualist
Gavin Jones (Lafayette) Problems of the Mind-Body Problem 
Jonathan Roberts (The King’s College) Tropes, Universals, and the Four-Category Ontology
Madison Zebrine (Moravian University) On Bundle Theory

5:45-5:55 Closing 


Program Coordinators: Kathryn Miller '13 and Madison Zebrine '13