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Moravian University
Philosophy Conference

Program & Schedule 2012

3rd Lehigh Valley Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

March 24, 2012

All rooms located in Haupert Union Building (HUB)

Registration and Refreshments (8:30-9:15) 
Room: Lounge

Opening Remarks:  Jim Skalnick, Associate Dean, Moravian University (9:15-9:30) 
Room: UBC

Session I (9:30-10:50): Ethics and Political Philosophy
Room: UBC 
Moderator: Dr. Bill Falla

Philosophers and the Public: Bridging the Gap to Build a New Global Paradigm     
Armando Chapelliquen, Moravian University 

Marxism and Collective Action: Towards a Technological Revolution
Derek Faux, Duquesne University 

Kantian Analysis of Physician Assisted Suicide
Michael Kostalis, University of Pittsburgh

Keeping It in the Head: A Defense of Subjective Theories of Well-Being
Jonathan Morgan, Muhlenberg College

Session II (11:00-12:10): Metaphysical Questions
Room: Snyder 
Moderator: Dr. Bernardo Cantens 

Back to the Future is So Yesterday
Isaac Earley, Kutztown University 

A Critique of Free Will
Richard Freer, East Stroudsburg University

Clearing the Dust: Berkeley's Critique of Locke's Theory of Abstract Ideas
Madison Zebrine, Moravian University

Lunch (12:20 -2:00) (Sponsored by Moravian Philosophy Club, Phi Sigma Tau, and Friends of Reeves Library)
Room: Pavilion

Plenary Session (2:00- 3:00)
Disgust and Hate: On the Somatology of Xenophobia
Eduardo Mendieta, Ph. D
Stony Brook University
Room: Snyder 

Session III (3:10- 4:20): Philosophy of Religion
Room: Snyder
Moderator: Dr. Arash Naraghi

Sextus Empiricus on God
Andrew Evans, Duquesne University

Altruistic Motivation: An Evaluation of Theravada Buddhist, Upanishad Hindu, and Jain Tradition
Keegan Nichols, Lehigh University 

Aquinas on Volition and Belief
Cindy Wise, Moravian University 

Session IV (4:30-5:50): Existentialism and Madness
Room: UBC 
Moderator: Dr. Carol Moeller

The Overman is the Authentic Man
Gerald Brunell, East Stroudsburg University

Hamlet: Madness and the Extreme of Inaction
Kathryn Miller, Moravian University

Analyzing "The Myth of Sisyphus"
Sarah Moriarty, Northampton Community College

Irrational Man
Christopher Ulicny, Lebanon Valley College

Closing Remarks (5:50-6:00)
Armando Chapelliquen, Co-Founder of Lehigh Valley Undergraduate Philosophy Conference
Room: UBC