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Read "China’s Holy Sites List on the Stockmarket"  where Dr. Kin Cheung was quoted in an interview for The Economist. 


2018    “Buddhist Institutions, Initial Public Offering Plans, and Tourism Company Listings in China’s Stock Market,” To be presented at the American Academy of Religion Annual National Meeting, Denver, CO, November

2018  “A Contemporary Chinese-American Community Healer”, To be presented at The Comparison Project: Miracles, Drake University, IA, October 

2018  “How to Measure Psycho-Physical Force or Qi: Implications for Chinese Medical Arts”, To be presented at the YHouse  Consciousness Club, New York, NY, September

2018  “Buddhist Perspectives on Robot Ethics and Machine Ethics”, To be presented at the Second Annual Woodenfish Forum: Buddhism, Science, and the Future, Shenzhen, China, June

2018  “Contemporary Developments of Buddhism in China and Japan”, Presented at the East Asia Update: Trends in Politics, Education and Popular Culture Seminar, National Consortium for Teaching About Asia, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, April

Acupuncture, Paradigm, Shifts and Placebos Flyer

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2018    “Mindful Consumption? Buddhist Material and Religious Capital: A Response to Pamela Winfield and Steven Heine eds. Zen and Material Culture (Oxford University Press 2017)” To be presented at the 26th Annual ASIANetwork Conference, Philadelphia, PA, April

2018    “A Mindfulness for Educator’s Retreat: Teaching How to Teach” To be presented at the 26th Annual ASIANetwork Conference, Philadelphia, PA, April

2018  “Problems in Buddhist Theories of Truth” To be presented at the Columbia University Comparative Philosophy Seminar, Columbia University, NY, March

2018  “Acupuncture, Paradigm Shifts, and Placebos” To be presented at the Asian Studies Lecture Series, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, February

















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“The Historical and Archaeological Background of the Book of Amos Revisited,”Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, 19 November, 2017 (forthcoming).

“Religious Criticism and Change in the Book of Zephaniah,” Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, 22 November, 2014.