Summer Research Grants

Past Proposals - 2015 Summer

Characterization of Polyproline with Capillary Electrophoresis 
Student: John Barr 
Mentor: Dr. Alison Holliday

Nucleotide Content Effect on the DNA-Binding of Metal Compounds
Student: Taylor Blake 
Mentors: Dr. Shari Dunham and Dr. Stephen Dunham

Computer interfacing of an experiment in granular materials 
Students: Ljube Boskic and Rebecca Hamel 
Mentor: Dr. Kelly Krieble

Encouraging Emergence / Writing the Women of Moravian University Past and Present 
Student: Savannah Brown
Mentor: Dr. Crystal N. Fodrey

Analyzing Network Reliability: Mixed Component Order Connectivity Functions 
Student: Adam Buzzard 
Mentor: Dr. Nathan Shank

Assessing Potential Benefits of Providing Health Information within Developing Economies 
Student: Gregory Cahill 
Mentor: Dr. Sabrina Terrizzi

Electroporation of DNA into Drosophila melanogaster Embryos
Student: Daniel Costello 
Mentor: Dr. Christopher Jones

Effects of Vibration of the NaK Molecule on Changes in the Rotational State Due to Collisions with Helium 
Student: Matthew Dill
Mentor: Dr. Ruth Malenda

Self-Esteem Workshop Development: Knowing Your Worth 
Students: Aisling Doyle and Tara Pardini
Mentor: Dr. Stacey B. Zaremba

Story: An exploration of the use of immersive media and story structure to create brand loyalty for entrepreneurs
Students: Clint Doyle and Morgan LaPointe
Mentor: Dr. Gary Kaskowitz

Moravian Music: Editions, Performances, and Heritage 
Student: Sarah Durham 
Mentor: Dr. Hilde Binford

Assessing the Extent and Impact of Coliform Bacteria in the Little Lehigh Creek 
Student: Jennifer Francesco 
Mentor: Dr. Frank T. Kuserk

Assessing the Impact of Conservation Efforts on Water Quality in the Upper Lehigh River 
Students: Andrea Giardina and Courtnie Lambert 
Mentor: Dr. Frank T. Kuserk

Collective Memory of Bethlehem 
Student: Dylan Grubb 
Mentor: Dr. Daniel Jasper

Learning and memory in bang-sensitive Drosophila melanogaster 
Student: Natalie Herb 
Mentor: Dr. Christopher Jones

Early Intervention Factors that Influence Language Development in Young Children with Hearing Loss
Student: Jaclyn Hudak
Mentor: Dr. Jean DesJardin

Synthesis, Isolation, and Characterization of Catalytic Activity of Rhodium Complexes 
Student: Devon Jakob 
Mentors: Dr. Stephen Dunham and Dr. Shari Dunham

Cliques and Diversity on College Campuses in the Lehigh Valley 
Student: Max Korten 
Mentor: Dr. Debra Wetcher-Hendricks

Teaching Philosophy and Leadership Through Children’s Literature and Puppetry: Summer Art Camp Partnership with William Penn Elementary School 
Students: Renee Liedig and Melissa Walko
Mentor: Dr. Kristin Baxter

Determination of heavy metal uptake by forb plants in the Lehigh Gap Wildlife Refuge remediation areas and analysis of the impact of prescribed burning on vegetative cover, diversity and metal uptake
Student: Laura McBride 
Mentor: Dr. Diane Husic

Monitoring Invasive Plant Species and Interpreting Their Origins Along the Northern Half of the Appalachian Trail 
Student: David Mest 
Mentor: Dr. Diane Husic

The Potential of a Financial Crisis: The Effect of the ACA on Income Inequality 
Student: Perry Mindo 
Mentor: Dr. Sabrina Terrizzi

The Epistemology of Disagreement and Subsequent Philosophical Problems 
Student: Zachary Molchany 
Mentor: Dr. Arash Naraghi

Youth Involvement in the Mississippi Freedom Struggle (1961-1964), with Implications for Today(with support from the Office of Intercultural Advancement and Global Inclusion) 
Student: Shelby Morgan 
Mentor: Dr. Robert H. Mayer

Adapting Music and Memory Tasks to Study Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease 
Student: Breanne Pirino 
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Johnson

Mapping a bang-sensitive gene in Drosophila melanogaster 
Student: Kaitlin Raseley 
Mentor: Dr. Christopher Jones

The Choral Village 
Student: Kurtis Reif 
Mentor: Dr. Joy Hirokawa

Development of New Methods for Efficient Platinum Complex Syntheses 
Student: Tony Rivera 
Mentor: Dr. Stephen Dunham

The Heat of Reaction of Luminol: Energy Flow in a Chemiluminescent Reaction 
Student: Alex Sestok 
Mentor: Dr. Carl Salter

Moravian University, Mercyhurst University, Penn State Special Collections Library, and the Pennsylvania Art Education Association: Collaborations in Historical Research
Student: Sabrina Signorelli 
Mentor: Dr. Kristin Baxter

Succession Monitoring in Prescribed-burn and Control Plots at a Portion of the Restoration Area of the Palmerton Superfund Site 
Student: Brittany Spinosa-Weber 
Mentor: Dr. Diane Husic

Student: Alexis Thiel 
Mentor: Dr. Shannon Talbott

Multiculturalism and Stereotype in the Twenty-first Century (with support from the Office of Intercultural Advancement and Global Inclusion) 
Student: Samantha Weinberg
Mentor: Dr. Christopher Shorr