Summer Research Grants

Past Proposals - 2019 Summer

The Effect of Intensity of Visual (Light/Dark) Cues in Drosophila melanogaster Larval Learning and Memory
Student: Setareh Alipour
Mentor: Christopher Jones, Biological Sciences

Towards Project-Based Citizen Science: Environmental Education and Community Action at Lehigh Valley Summerbridge
Student: Erin Anagnost
Mentor: Tristan Gleason, Education

Diameter Restricted Polyominoes and Optimal Network Reliability
Student: Rey Anaya & Alvaro Belmonte
Mentor: Nathan Shank, Mathematics and Computer Science

Interactions Between Asian Shore Crabs and Juvenile Blue Crabs
Student: Matthew Anderson
Mentor: Joshua Lord, Biological Sciences

Crosslinking Studies of diRhodium Complexes to Macromolecules
Student: Cole Carey
Mentor: Stephen Dunham, Chemistry

Salamander Diversity and Ecology at the Deputy Field Center
Student: Carly Danoski
Mentor: Daniel Proud, Biological Sciences/Environmental Studies and Sciences

Synthesis of Peptide-Based Quorum Sensing Modulators for S. pneumoniae
Student: Emilee Engler & Alec Buttner
Mentor: Michael Bertucci, Chemistry

Photometric Analysis of Variable Star Systems
Student: Bryan Kelly
Mentor: Ruth Malenda, Physics and Earth Sciences

Interstrand Cross-linking of DNA by Novel Rhodium Complexes
Student: Meghan Konrath
Mentor: Shari Dunham, Chemistry

Effects of Increased Temperature and Ocean Acidification on Juvenile Lobsters
Student: Kathleen Mayer
Mentor: Joshua Lord, Biological Sciences

Will an Antioxidant Decrease Bacterial Burden in an Infection Model?
Student: Kaitlyn Nemes
Mentor: Kara Mosovsky, Biological Sciences

Analyzing Health Determinants on Local and International Scales
Student: William Pelletiers
Mentor: James Teufel, Nursing and Public Health

The Rhetorics of Healthcare on Reddit: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Conservative Discourse Communities
Student: Christopher Shosted
Mentor: Crystal Fodrey, English

Understanding How First-Year Students’ Conceptions of Writing Change After a Year of College
Student: Gabrielle Stanley
Mentor: Meg Mikovitz, English

Communicating the Environment: Fact, Fiction, Poetics
Student: Christine Wieder
Mentor: Theresa Dougal, English

Change Blindness and Attention to Sexual Orientation
Students: Crystal Yautz & Mary Sampson
Mentor: Sarah Johnson, Psychology