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The yearbook team is made up of passionate individuals looking to make a lasting mark at our university. Moravian yearbooks have been printed since the early 1900s.

Meet the Yearbook Team


Mya Detweiler

Class Year: 2024

Major: Psychology

Why did you join the yearbook? Joining the Benigna Yearbook staff has been a fun way to be creative and it matches my interests in photography and communications. It’s a great opportunity for getting involved and meeting new people around campus.


Riley Gallagher

Class Year: 2023

Major: graphic & interactive design

Why did you join the yearbook? I joined the yearbook because in high school I was in it for only 1 year and I really wanted to do it for longer, and it was a great opportunity to join a club related to my major.


Sara Turkdonmez

Class Year: 2025

Major: Marketing Management, Graphic & Interactive Design.

Why did you join the yearbook? I joined yearbook because it was a fun way for me to meet new people who enjoyed or wanted to learn more about photography and creating layouts, and to also gain a bit more experience with editing along the way!

How to Purchase a Yearbook

2023 Yearbook cost $85 (including shipping & tax)

A yearbook can be ordered 3 different ways

  • Order online at
    • Enter ID# P99999
  • Order by mail
    • Please fill out the paper form that was sent to your students home address and submit the payment. 
  • Order by phone at 1-800-BALFOUR
    • 800-225-3687 
    • Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST

Senior Tributes 

Let your seniors know how proud of them you are with a senior tribute. Tributes can include a sweet message from loved ones and photos of your student through the years. 

Deadline to purchase ads is May, 9th 2023


1/2 Page Senior Tribute             $100.00                         

1/4 Page Senior Tribute             $55.00  

1/8 Page Senior Tribute             $35.00


Order link:


Please note that once an ad has been purchased. The purchaser will receive an email with how to access the ad to upload the photos and text. 

If you have any questions regarding purchasing a yearbook or senior tribute please contact Emmy Kachel through email at or phone at 610-692-9794.