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Moravian College
Student Involvement


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Moravian Activities Council (MAC) hosts a large variety of events, each designed to give students healthy, social opportunities to be involved in our community. Some of these events are meant to create and maintain traditions that bring the entire Moravian Community closer together, such as Fall Fest and Homecoming and other are meant to provide something to do as a study break!



President - Maci Kendrick

Maci Kendrick '20

Vice President

Justin Vatti headshot

Justin Vatti '20

PR Director

Vina-Andrea Aguirre headshot

Vina-Andrea Aguirre '20


Emily Szuter headshot

Emily Szuter '20

Madison Van Duzer headshot

Madison Van Duzer '22

Cassandra Miller headshot

Cassandra Miller '21


Toyo Adebayo headshot

Toyo Adebayo '20

Chris Hawk headshot

Chris Hawk '21

Joel Castro headshot

Joel Castro '20


Mollie Miller headshot

Mollie Miller '21

Ryan Scott headshot

Ryan Scott '21

Eyliena Baker headshot

Eyliena Baker '20


Anna Hambleton headshot

Anna Hambleton '22

Larisa Fava headshot

Larisa Fava '21

Josiah Soto headshot

Josiah Soto '20


Gabi Greenhoward headshot

Gabi Greenhoward '21