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2021 spring MAC members
Student Engagement


Moravian Activities Council logo

Moravian Activities Council (MAC) hosts a large variety of events, each designed to give students healthy, social opportunities to be involved in our community. Some of these events are meant to create and maintain traditions that bring the entire Moravian Community closer together, such as Fall Fest and Homecoming and other are meant to provide something to do as a study break!

Moravian Activities Council - 2020 Term

President: Cassandra Miller '21

I love being part of MAC because I love being behind the scenes and seeing the impact it can have on the Moravian community. I am shy by nature but love being involved and MAC gives me the perfect opportunity to get out of my shell and offer something for our community. It is all worthwhile when I see how excited people get to win a prize at bingo or standing in line for hours to get into paint night.

Cassandra Miller

Vice President: Mollie Miller '21

I love MAC because of the sunshine it brings to my life. Each of its members brings such JOY to my soul every time I see them. MAC is a crazy goofy family that I am so grateful to be part of.

Mollie Miller

PR: Matt Anderson '21

I enjoy working with a group of people who all strive toward one similar goal: making the student experience the best it possibly could be!

Matthew Anderson

Treasurer: Chris Hawk '21

I love being a part of MAC because I am able to develop my leadership skills, work with individuals with a variety of different strengths, receive the motivation I need to keep going, and give back to the supportive Moravian College community through executing engaging events.

Christopher Hawk


Larisa Fava '21

MAC has become the family I didn't know I needed at Moravian. I love my MAC Family - past and preset. They have transformed me into the person I am today and without them my life would be entirely lost. Also I love event programing so that's fun, too.

Larisa Fava

Ryan Scott '21

I love being part of MAC because it truly is a family! We're always there for one another, AND we are able to do things for the student body as a whole. I believe it is so important to provide safe alternatives to students on the weekends, and being able to do it with some of my best friends makes it that much better.

Ryan Scott

Dylan Purdy '22

I love being part of MAC because the members have opened my eyes to so many new things. We've made many new memories! The people within MAC always know how to bring a smile to my face and pick me up if I am feeling down.

Dylan Purdy

Guadalupe Rivera '22

I am so glad I am able to be part of an organization that cares so much about its community and the students on campus. Being in MAC has helped me to be a better person. I have met so many kind people on MAC and I am grateful for all of them. I am thankful that MAC allows me to be myself and that it has given me the leadership skills that I can apply to my other roles I have in other clubs and organizations that I am in.

Guadalupe Rivera

Gabby Demchak '23

MAC represents a family. I love being part of this group because we all bring out the best in each other. MAC pushes me to be the best version of myself, while also providing me with valuable life lessons. I think the best part of MAC is being able to host events for the whole campus. I enjoy being able to plan events that reach a wide audience and include the whole campus community.

Gabrielle Demchak

Sara Fenton '23

I love MAC because it creates a feel-good environment that fosters the creation and strengthening of friendships and communities.

Sara Fenton

Gianna Greggo '23

I love being part of MAC because I have so much fun planning events with my friends! Everyone is so welcoming and kind!

Gianna Greggo

Isabel Smith '23

I love being able to bring the Moravian community together for events!

Isabel Smith