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Moravian College
Student Involvement

Student Involvement

Whatever you do, don't sit still. Because we're a place for fidgeters. For the restless. For the go-out-and-do-something-ers. We want you to find a new outlook. Follow your passion. And above all, shake things up.

Choose your own path on our 85-acre campus. Service, theatre, Greek life—we've got it all, plus more. If you don't see anything that sparks your revolutionary spirit, we give you the tools and the power to make it happen. Hey, we're not going to stop you.

So take the lead, take a trip, or create something new. We dare you to be bored.


Clubs & Organizations

Learn more about the clubs and organizations on campus and how to get involved! 


Student Leader Resources

Everything you need to lead: planning events, managing your organization, and all the forms—ever.



United Student Government (USG)

United Student Government (USG) serves as the governing body and the voice of the students.  


Moravian Activities Council (MAC)

Moravian Activities Council (MAC) hosts a large variety of events, each designed to give students healthy, social opportunities to be involved in our community. 


Annual Events & Traditions

Homecoming, Family Day, and our seasonal festivals are all about building and strengthening our community.

What'd We Miss?

Can't find what you're looking for? Give our director a shout.

Sara Steinman, Director of Student Involvement