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Moravian College

Caroline Bartulovich '15

2012 Soar Student

Caroline Bartulovich '15

Major/minor: Chemistry

Hometown: Phillipsburg, N.J.

Project: Exploring the Applicability of the Dip Probe for in situ Spectroscopy Experiments

Project advisor: Dr. Carl Salter

Project details: Our SOAR project entailed studying the reaction between Fe (III) and Thiosulfate. We are continuing work started by previous SOAR students, and we worked to study the effect temperature and ionic strength play on the reaction. We also worked to see how and in what situation the dip probe would be more useful than other older methods for spectroscopy.

Why I wanted to participate in SOAR: I was very interested in conducting my own research and having the responsibility and accountability that comes along with it.

Results: We found that the dip probe can be very helpful in some situations with this reaction due to its transient nature and we also found that ionic strength plays a role in this reaction and can directly affect it.

Future plans: At this time I am undecided. I may enter a graduate program or go directly into the field of chemistry after college.