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Stephanie Mount & Nicole Shamy

2008-2009 SOAR Students

Title: After: A series of paintings questioning issues of gender power and identity
Students: Stephanie Mount & Nicole Shamy
Faculty advisor: Angela Fraleigh

For this presentation, we will talk about our research and involvement in this past summers SOAR Program. Under the supervision of Professor Angela Fraleigh, we examined, and questioned issues of gender, power, and identity as they simultaneously reflect on art history, literature, popular culture, and the ways in which we construct individual and collective meaning. Throughout the summer we compiled our research on this topic, which Professor Fraleigh has used to create a new course for Moravian University. This multidisciplinary class is the culmination of our past summers research, showcasing the various themes that we explored. In conjunction to our research, we also analyzed this thesis through assisting Professor Fraleigh in her studio explorations of these issues as she created a new body of work. We aided in the creative production process by prepping her painting surfaces, securing creative resources, as well as developing a strategic plan for exhibition opportunities and publication.