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Christopher Ossont '15

Christopher Ossont '15

The Role of Action Research in Reclaiming Teachers' Professional Lives in an Era of International Accountability

Major/minor: English/Secondary Education certification
Hometown: Jessup, PA
Project mentor: Dr. Joseph Shosh

Project Details:

  1. Briefly describe your SOAR project.
    The project was designed to show how action research, a method if research that follows a cycle with addressing a problem, collaborating with others, implementing a plan of action, evaluating that action, and sharing the information, can better improve teacher professional development in their classroom.
  2. What motivated you to participate in SOAR? 
    I have always wanted to do research in education and this seemed like the perfect fit.
  3. What are the results of your work on this project? 
    We learned that teachers who do not take an active role in their professional development are short changing their students. By not reflecting on their own work, they cannot fully achieve their professional goals and could potentially hinder student learning.
  4. What are your personal takeaways from the project? And do you plan to continue work on this project after SOAR? 
    I learned a lot about teacher professional development and how to do basic and advanced research techniques.

Biographical Information:

  1. What clubs/sports/activities/community service are you involved in? 
    Senior Resident Advisor or the H.I.L.L. HUB Building Manager, Varsity Track and Field, Omicron Delta Kappa President, Kappa Delta Pi Co-President, IMPACT Treasurer, Sigma Tau Delta Treasurer.
  2. Have you received any awards/recognitions here? 
    Dean’s List for Fall Semester 2013
  3. Briefly, what are your future plans and career goals? 
    After my undergraduate I plan on finding a job in the area as an English Teacher at the secondary level. I hope to attain my Masters and Ph.D. in education with focus in curriculum development.