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Moravian College

Gabrielle Sommer '14

2012 Soar Student

Gabrielle Sommer '14

Major/minor: Chemistry

Hometown: Whitehall, Pa.

Project: Exploring the Applicability of the Dip Probe for in situ Spectroscopy Experiments: Spectrophotometric determination of Zinc with Zincon

Project advisor: Dr. Carl Salter

Project details: The purpose of my SOAR project is to determine different applications of the dip probe, an instrument used in spectroscopy experiments. I examined the determination of the concentration of zinc using zincon, an agent that complexes with free zinc in solution. A procedure for a spectrophotometric determination of zinc had already been determined and was used by HACH chemists to make a simplified procedure for use by their colorimeter. In my SOAR project, I was to determine various applications of the zinc-zincon system by use of the dip probe.

Why I wanted to participate in SOAR: I like chemical laboratory work very much and I also wanted to gain some college level research experience.

Results: I was able to create a general chemistry level experiment for the determination of zinc in a sample with zincon as the indicator. I created an experiment using a common spectrometer, a cuvette method, and a method using the dip probe.

Future plans: I do not currently have specific future plans; however, I do plan on being involved in other research. I also plan to attend a professional or graduate school.