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1969 Classnotes

Fall 2019

Jane Pritchard Moore retires this spring after working as a caseworker for the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services for 14 years.

Gregory Fota celebrated his grandson's first birthday on October 23, 2019. John "Thrasher" Baldry is the son of Gregory's daughter Catherine.

Carole Thomas Petley offers her help at a local glass shop a few days a week creating lamps, sun catchers, mosaics, and even a few stained windows for the church. Carole also has several shelties that perform in agility trials while her youngest dog works at nursing homes, libraries, and hospitals as a therapy dog.

Michael Siegel and Gail have been in Savannah for almost ten years. They say that it has truly become their home. Michael volunteers for a number of organizations and has recently become the third chair of the Savannah Chapter of SCORE.

Paul Martinelli had a great time at the reunion. He loved reuniting with his brothers from OGO and Wilhelm 3rd floor.

Judy Gashler was surprised to see many of her classmates and enjoyed reconnecting with everyone including Robert Burcaw, Ph.D. '51, who was one of Judy's English professors.

Tim Tedesco and Janet Evans Tedesco '72 enjoyed seeing so many classmates at the Alumni House Friday night and visiting downtown Bethlehem.

Mary Figlear passed away on November 23, 2019.