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Moravian University programs led by Moravian University Faculty

COVID-19 Disclaimer: Due to the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic we cannot guarantee travel or entrance into a destination as a result of COVID-19 related delays and /or closures.  Please see COVID-19 disclaimer. Moravian University requires that all students who plan to participate in a Moravian travel course provide evidence of COVID vaccination.

costa rica keel billed toucan

Costa Rica

Program: A Model of Sustainability and Tropical Ecology
Facilitator: Dr. Diane Husic
Travel Dates: February 23–March 6, 2022 (Spring Break)

prague bridges

Czech Republic and Austria

Program: All About Prague
Facilitator: Dr. Eva Leeds
Travel Dates: February 25–March 6, 2022 (Spring Break)



Program: Exploring Culture, Peacebuilding, and the Legacies of War
Facilitators: Dr. Daniel Jasper and Dr. Dietlinde Heilmayr
Travel Dates: TBD

cordoba spain


Programs: Leading People in Organizations; Child and Adolescent Development in Cultural Context
Facilitators: Dr. Bernie Cantens, Dr. Katie Desiderio, and Dr. Michelle Schmidt
Travel Dates: May 12–May 22, 2022
Course Dates: May 9–27 (May Term)



Program: Intro to Ancient and Renaissance Rome
Facilitators: Dr. Jean-Pierre Lalande and Mrs. Anne Reid
Travels Dates: February 24–March 5, 2022 (Spring Break)



Program: History and Architecture in Venice, Salzburg, Munich, Paris, and Berlin
Facilitators: Dr. Jean-Pierre Lalande and Mrs. Anne Reid
Travel Dates: May 8–May 29, 2022



Program: Experiential Learning in Global Health
Facilitators: Dr. Beth Gotwals and Dr. Pamela Adamshick
Travel Dates: February 26–March 5, 2022 (Spring Break)



Program: Field Marine Ecology
Facilitator: Joshua Lord
Travel Dates: May 10–May 26, 2022 (Spring Session II course, travel in May)