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Therapy Services

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On average, 1 out of 5 students use the counseling center

The Counseling Center provides confidential counseling and therapy services to all full-time undergraduate and graduate Moravian University students (including Lancaster campus) and full-time LTS students, at no additional charge. In person and teletherapy sessions are available to Moravian campus students and teletherapy sessions are available to students at the Lancaster campus. 

The staff at the Counseling Center are licensed mental health professionals dedicated to culturally competent, evidenced based care that supports personal growth, psychological well-being, and academic success. We are dedicated to offering an inclusive and safe environment for each student. Ongoing counseling and therapy services are not time limited but generally are short-term in nature. Click below to learn more about services provided: 

Anxiety, stress, depression, and social issues are the top four reasons student seek out counseling and therapy services. 

How Counseling and Therapy can Help   

  • In a college counseling center, counselors support and empower students to develop their potential, improve mental health, and define and pursue their academic and personal goals. 
  • Even though it may feel like you are just dealing with basic stressors of college life, counseling can help tackle them more efficiently and prevent a slow buildup of stress that could become much more difficult to manage.
  • Counseling and therapy can also help you understand and manage more serious mental health concerns. 
  • FAQ about the counseling and therapy process 


  • The APA Code of Ethics and PA state law considers the personal information you discuss in counseling and therapy to be confidential, therefore the counseling center strictly protects the confidentiality of information shared during sessions, as well as the attendance to any counseling service.  
  • This means that no record of counseling is made on an academic transcript, and that information regarding your counseling is not released without your written permission to anyone, unless otherwise indicated by law.
  • Confidentiality will be discussed and explained on detail during the intake process or first therapeutic contact with the counselor.

Cultural Competence

  • Moravian University Counseling Center staff are dedicated to providing culturally sensitive services and continually engage in training to increase their cultural awareness and competence.  
  • All Center Staff graduated from APA/ACA approved graduate programs that required a focus on providing culturally competent mental health services.   

Location and Hours
1307 Main Street
 Monday through Friday 8am-4:30pm
*Limited evening appointments available for students with scheduling conflicts (clinical and field placements, etc)
Closed for Summer the months of June and July

Schedule an Appointment
Call: 610-861-1510
Walk-in: 1307 Main Street 

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