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Post-Bacc Spanish Certification - Grades K-12


Admissions and Testing Requirement

If candidates do not have an undergraduate degree in Spanish, a passing score on Praxis exam 5195 - Spanish is required prior to enrolling in courses above EDUC 540.


Important Program Guidelines

Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher during the program. All education courses must be completed prior to beginning student teaching. No other courses should be taken during their student teaching semester. Students must have prior written approval by the program coordinator if they plan to complete any of the courses at another institution.


Professional Education Courses Required for Certification

EDUC 502.2 Intro. to the Education of English Language Learners
EDUC 507 Culture, Community & Diversity: Intro. to Critical Pedagogy (40-hour Stage 1&2 Field Experience)
EDUC 503 Student Development & Instructional Design (40-hour Stage 1&2 Field Experience)
EDUC 534 Including Students with Disabilities
EDUC 530.2 Computer Technology in the Classroom
EDUC 540 Reflective Teaching (Fall only; 40-hour Stage 3 Field Experience)
EDUC 561 Curriculum and Instruction (Fall only; 110-hour Stage 3 Field Experience)
EDUC 575-7 Student Teaching
EDUC 578 Seminar in Secondary Student Teaching


Content Area Tests - required prior to certification

5195  Spanish: World Language

5511  Fundamental Subjects:  Content Knowledge

All candidates for Spanish must complete the following TWO required content area tests administered by ETS.  Please visit this site for more information:

Test scores should be reported to Moravian University (RA2418) and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 


Inquiries about the application process for Post-Bacc Secondary Certification should be directed to the Graduate Education Student Experience Mentor - Melissa Stough, Student Experience Mentor at

Inquiries about coursework and other academic components of the Post-Bacc Secondary Certification programs should be directed to the Director of Graduate Education – Dr. Bess Van Asselt @