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Moravian College


Jessica Jonas, '09


MFA, Creative Writing & the Publishing Arts, University of Baltimore; Production Editor, Absolute Service, Inc.

I graduated from Moravian in 2009 with Honors in English and Sociology and earned my MFA in Creative Writing & the Publishing Arts from University of Baltimore last spring. My first book, Room Full of Strangers, was self-published as my graduate thesis. While in grad school, an internship with a literary magazine helped me find my current job as Production Editor at a publishing vendor in Towson, MD. The main thing that sticks out about Moravian is the relationships I had with my professors. Their guidance, advice, and help in creating interesting projects challenged me in the best ways. Dr. Hinnefeld was the first person to encourage me to go for my MFA. I'm excited to talk about grad school and see what is happening in the Moravian English department!