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Moravian College

Alumni Spotlight

Evan Weller, '02


English Teacher, Head Boys Soccer Coach – Phillipsburg High School (Phillipsburg, NJ)

I graduated from Moravian in 2002, and I secured a job at Phillipsburg High School. I knew that I wanted to teach in an urban setting, and I knew that I wanted to coach a struggling soccer team. Since those humble beginnings, I have created two classes at Phillipsburg (Reading & Writing in Modern Society and Leadership: A Cultural Revolution). I have received teaching and coaching awards, ushered many students and players to college careers, started my own soccer camp (Advanced Skills Soccer Camp), and married a theatre teacher.

What did I do at Moravian that helped me get where I am today? I modeled the behaviors of my professors. And I got involved. I started coaching while I was still at Moravian, so when I went to Phillipsburg I had an attractive resume. By age 23, I was a head coach. I also started teaching as early as possible (freshman year at Moravian I believe). During my senior year I attended the NCTE convention in Baltimore where I met thousands of other English teachers who were just like me: excited, inspired, motivated. This was probably the most impactful event in my teaching journey because I got to learn from experts in the field. At Moravian, I was blessed to have extraordinary professors who showed me what it meant to teach others. They showed me the impact that one person can have. So I set out to inspire the world the way that they inspired me. And here I am.