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Crystal N. Fodrey

Dr. Fodrey

Crystal N. Fodrey

Associate Professor of English and Director of the Writing at Moravian Program (2014)


  • B.A., M.A., Western Kentucky University
  • Ph.D, University of Arizona


Phone: 610-861-1511
Office: Zinzendorf Hall, Room 202

Areas of Research and/or Expertise

Writing Across the Curriculum Program Administration (First-Year Writing, Writing in the Disciplines/Writing-Enriched Curriculum Development and Implementation; Faculty Development); Writing Transfer Studies; Rhetorical Genre Studies; Composition and Creative Nonfiction Theory and Pedagogy; Multimodal Writing in Digital Spaces; Public Rhetoric and Writing; Spatial Rhetoric and Place Writing


  • First-Year Writing Seminar (LinC 101): Bad Ideas about Writing
  • English 211: Creative Nonfiction
  • English 214.2: Writing Studies Research Seminar (co-taught with Meg Mikovits)
  • English 216: Professional Writing 
  • English 217: Intro to Writing Arts
  • English 218: Digital Rhetoric and Writing
  • English 316: Rhetorics of Everyday Life
  • Recent Independent Studies: "Diverse Female Voices in Feminist Revisionist Fairy Tales" with Camaryn Wheeler '21; "Writing Studies Research Project Leadership" with Gabrielle Stanley '21; "Feminist Rhetorical Historiography of Feminist Ideology" with Maison Allen '19 
  • Recent Honors Projects:
    • "My Life on the Autism Spectrum: A Memoir" with Caroline Flora '21
    • "Investigating Factors That May Influence the Development of Student Conceptions of Good Writing" with Gabrielle Stanley '21
    • "English’s Most Complex Four-Letter Word: An Etymological and Rhetorical Analysis of 'Nazi'" with Elizabeth Horn '20
    • "Healthcare on Reddit: How Ideologies Shape Discourse" with Chris Shosted '20
    • "Supporting Adolescent Literacy Development through Collaborative Multimodal Writing" with Jaime Ernst '19


Mikovits, Meg, Crystal N. Fodrey, and Erica Yozell. "Designing Effective Digital Multimodal Writing Assignments Across the Disciplines." Chapter forthcoming in Professionalizing Multimodal Composition. Ed. Shyam Bahadur Pandey and Santosh Khadka.  New York: Routledge, 2021.

Fodrey, Crystal N. and Chris Hassay. “Piloting WEC as a Context-Responsive Writing Research Initiative.” Invited chapter forthcoming in The Writing-Enriched Curriculum: Accounts of Departmentally-Focused Implementation. Ed. Chris Anson and Pamela Flash. Collection accepted for WAC Clearinghouse Perspectives in Writing series, 2021 publication date set.

Fodrey, Crystal N. and Meg Mikovits. “Theorizing WAC Faculty Development in Multimodal Project Design.” Across the Disciplines, 17 (2020). 

Fodrey, Crystal N., Meg Mikovits, Christopher Hassay, and Erica Yozell. “Activity Theory as Tool for WAC Program Development: Organizing First-Year Writing and Writing-Enriched Curriculum Systems.” Composition Forum 42.1 (2019).

Fodrey, Crystal N., Meg Mikovits, and Erica Yozell. “Implementing Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum at a Small Liberal Arts College.” Designing and Implementing Multimodal Curricula and Programs. Ed. Santosh Khadka and Jennifer C. Lee. New York: Routledge, 2018. 

Fodrey, Crystal N. “Teaching CNF Writing to College Students: A Snapshot of Pedagogical Scholarship Before Assay.” Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies 2.1 (2015). 

Szabady, Gina, Crystal N. Fodrey and Celeste Del Russo. “Digital (Re)Visions: Blending Pedagogical Strategies with Dynamic Classroom Tactics.” Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, 19.1 (2014).

Fodrey, Crystal N. “Voice, Transformed: The Potentialities of Style Pedagogy in the Teaching of Creative Nonfiction.” The Centrality of Style. Ed. Star Medzerian Vanguri and Michael Duncan. Anderson, SC: Parlor P, 2013. 239-58.