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Hands-on Learning Assignment (HLA)

As part of the English major curriculum, majors will be required to complete a hands-on learning assignment, or HLA, involving writing in one of the following contexts:

  1. The Comenian (Moravian’s student newspaper): a feature article or other piece assigned by the editor(s);
  2. The Moravian College Publication Relations Office: campus and community-wide blog post, newsletter article, press release, or other piece assigned by a member of the Public Relations staff;
  3. The Moravian College Theatre Company : program notes or other dramaturgical materials, as assigned by the director.
  4. The Center for Career and Civic Engagement: newsletter article or other work assigned by the director.

English majors who are also pursuing certification in Education will be exempt from this requirement but are encouraged to complete HLAs as well.

English Major Hands-on Learning Assignment (HLA) Handout (.pdf)

HLA Approval Form (.pdf)

Comenian Documents

For information on writing articles for The Comenian, please contact Elizabeth Horn, Editor-in-Chief, and Professor Mark Harris, Faculty Advisor to The Comenian