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Dr. Joyce Hinnefeld looks up from a paper she is holding and smiles to someone out of view.

English Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate critical reading and innovative thinking about texts, broadly defined through thesis-driven analysis
  • Manage and reflect upon individual and collaborative writing projects from the planning and drafting stages through the peer-review and revision stages
  • Write and speak effectively for a variety of audiences and purposes in a variety of context-appropriate genres and media
  • Examine literary production as a culturally- and historically-situated practice
  • Recognize genres, the relations among them, and their rhetorical purposes and effects
  • Demonstrate the ability to use a variety of research strategies, select and incorporate sources, and document according to context-appropriate standards
  • Engage with difficult questions of ethical reasoning with respect to civic, environmental, professional, and intercultural responsibilities
  • Reflect on personal experiences and learning to make and recognize connections among English studies, education in the liberal arts, and both individual and community identity