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Moravian University

Winter 2020-21 English Course Offerings

Please see the Moravian University Course Catalog for full English course offerings.

Post-Colonial Literature (M5)

Prof. LaRue — AFST/ENGL 240 OL 

Modality: Online Asynchronous 

Introduction to literature produced by 20th-century African, Asian, and Caribbean writers from former colonies of Western European empires, especially Britain. 

Dying to Go Green: Burial Movement

Prof. Harris — ENGL 264 OL & ENGL 264.2 OL (Half-Unit)

Modality: Online Asynchronous 

This writing course will consider the emerging movement in “natural” – or “green” – burials, both in this country and abroad. Our primary text will be Grave Matters, which tells the stories of families who stepped outside the doors of their local funeral parlors and laid their loved ones to rest in natural cemeteries, backyard gravesites, memorial reefs, and at sea. You’ll also read about cremation, home funerals, and “eco-coffins,” as well the history of American burial and the benefits of going out green. By way of contrast, you will learn about the embalming process and the ecological consequences of our modern funeral practices. Prerequisite: Writing 100 or LINC 101.

ST: Literature and the Medical Humanities (U1)

Prof. Waller-Peterson — ENGL 295 OL 

Modality: Online Asynchronous 

Lucille Clifton states, “I don’t write because I have a mission to heal the world. My mission is to heal Lucille if I can, as much as I can.” Writing offers Clifton a medium through which she can enact a form of healing and self-preservation. Similarly, illness narratives communicate the embodied and disembodied experiences of people living with sickness, disease, and illness in an effort to make sense of their changing bodies, lives, and identities. This reading intensive course explores health, wellness, and illness narratives through a sustained engagement with non-fiction and imaginary literature. Prerequisite: LinC 101 or equivalent plus junior or senior class standing.