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Our Team


Our team is comprised of the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Coordinator(s), and members of the Grievance Process Pool, including Civil Rights Investigators (University employees not otherwise affiliated with the University beyond this role), other University officials, and employee volunteers from the University's faculty and staff. The team receives oversight from the Dean for Compliance, Training and Development and the University's Chief Operating Officer.

The University also engages trained external contractors as deemed necessary and/or appropriate for any role in the process.

This includes the following team members (contact information available in the Campus Directory):

  • Equal Opportunity & Title IX Coordinator (Becki L. Achey) 
  • Deputy Coordinator for Athletics (Rebecca May)
  • Civil Rights Investigators (Erica D'Agostino, Wayne Degan, Anne Felker, Bradley Davis, Lou Rossi, Jodi Rowlands, Don Sabo Jr., Ryan McKinney)
  • University Officials (Nicole Loyd, Laura Mack, Greg Meyer, Leah Naso, Carol Traupman-Carr)
  • Faculty/Staff Volunteers


Members of our team are trained annually and may perform a number of roles in the grievance process, including intake or initial assessment, process advisor, informal resolution facilitator, investigator, hearing facilitator, decision-maker (hearing panel chair or member), appellate officer, appeal board chair or member.

The Dean for Compliance, Training and Development has completed: Title IX Coordinator Certification (ATIXA), Civil Rights Investigator Certification Levels I, II, III (ATIXA), ADA Coordinator Training (ATIXA), Title IX Training (D. Stafford).

The Equal Opportunity & Title IX Coordinator: Title IX Coordinator Certification (ATIXA) & Civil Rights Investigator Certification Level I,II & III (ATIXA).

Civil Rights Investigators have completed either Civil Rights Investigator Certification Level I and/or II (ATIXA) and/or Title IX Training (D. Stafford), as well as University-specific annual training.

University officials are trained specific to their primary functions at the University.

Faculty and staff volunteers serve as decision makers and have receive University-specific training for this role (annual).

Training information will continue to be updated as it is provided or takes place.


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Equal Opportunity & Title IX Coordinator 

Becki L. Achey, M.S.
Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator
1309 Main St. 
(610) 625-7023