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Mandatory Reporting

Moravian University designates all employees of the University as mandatory reporters under the Equal Opportunity, Harassment, and Non-Discrimination Policy. This designation requires our employees to report any knowledge they have about a member of the campus community experiencing harassment or discrimination, including gender discrimination or sexual misconduct, and/or retaliation to the Equal Opportunity & Title IX Coordinator. The responsibility to report does not apply to employees who have personally experienced sexual violence or discrimination.

As per the institutional Protection of Minors Policy, incidents of sexual abuse involving minors must also be disclosed to PA ChildLine immediately at 1.800.932.0313. Employees may be subject to disciplinary action for failure to report.

Employees designated as Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) under the Clery Act have additional crime reporting obligations, as explained in more detail here. Employees who supervise other employees, including student employees, have additional reporting obligations under Title VI/VII. To learn more about these mandatory reporting obligations, visit Am I Obligated to Report?.

In addition, the University designates certain administrators Officials with Authority (OWAs) to address and correct harassment, discrimination, and/or retaliation. This includes:

  • Title IX Coordinator, Dr. Darren Snyder (Equal Opportunity & Title IX Coordinator)
  • Deputy Coordinator for Athletics, Rebecca May (Associate Director of Athletics)
  • Civil Rights Investigators:  Anne Felker, Kathryn Friedman, Linda Hoy, Ryan McKinney, Lou Rossi, Don Sabo Jr., and Erica D'Agostino
  • President, Bryon Grigsby
  • Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Carol Traupman-Carr
  • COO/Executive Vice President for University Life, Nicole Loyd
  • Chief of Campus Police, V. Harrison Dillard
  • Dean for Community Wellness, Greg Meyer
  • Associate Director of Student Development, Laura Mack

Contact information for OWAs is maintained in the Moravian University Directory.

Additional information about campus crime, state laws, and disclosures related to sexual misconduct, as well as PA statutes, can be found in Moravian University's Annual Security Report.

Course Syllabi & Human Subjects Research

The best way for students to understand faculty reporting obligations is by outlining this requirement up front. Accordingly, faculty are asked to utilize the following Title IX statement on all course syllabi:

"Moravian University faculty are committed to providing a learning environment free from harassment and discrimination, including sexual harassment/violence under Title IX. Should a student disclose a concern of this nature, the faculty member is obligated to inform the Title IX Coordinator, who will assist the student in determining support measures and resolution options. Reports can be made online anytime at Fully confidential reporting options include the University Chaplains and professionals in the Counseling and Health Centers. Survivors are encouraged to seek immediate assistance by contacting the Advocates at (484) 764-9242. For more information, including grievance procedures, please view the Equal Opportunity, Harassment, and Non-Discrimination Policy at

Additionally, faculty engaging in human subjects research may benefit from including this information on their informed consent.  While disclosures occurring in the context of research are not required to be reported, faculty are encouraged to provide participants with the information about reporting options and support resources.

Disclosures of Sexual Violence

University employees are often a point of disclosure for students, due in large part to the level of trust that exists in these relationships. To learn more about expectations and strategies for effectively responding to disclosures of sexual violence, view Am I Obligated to Report?.

The Dean for Compliance, Training and Development is available for departmental training on any of these topics.

Report An Incident
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Dean for Compliance, Training & Development

Leah M. Naso
1309 Main Street, Room 201

Equal Opportunity & Title IX Coordinator 

Dr. Darren Snyder
1309 Main Street, Room 204

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