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Resolution Options 

Members of the Moravian University community have a number of options available to remedy and resolve incidents of sexual misconduct and/or gender-based discrimination.  Support measures, including connection to counseling and support resources; academic, housing and workplace accommodations; no contact notices and other safety measures can be facilitated by the Equal Opportunity & Title IX Coordinator.

In addition to seeking support measures and/or accommodations, survivors may also choose to*:
1) Utilize the University's internal resolution processes (campus investigation or informal resolution)
2) Initiate a report to local police (criminal investigation)
3) Pursue both the University and criminal processes

*Certain circumstances involving significant violence, threat to the community, or pattern of perpetration may necessitate that the University take action without the full participation of the survivor.

A formal complaint must be initiated in order to access campus resolution processes. More information about this process, including a comprehensive list of support measures and a summary of party's rights, is described in detail in the institutional Equal Opportunity, Harassment, and Non-Discrimination Policy.

Report An Incident
(can be anonymous)

Equal Opportunity & Title IX Coordinator

Becki L. Achey, M.S.
Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator
1309 Main St. 
(610) 625-7023