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Frequently Asked Questions - 

  • What can be recycled on campus? Single-stream recycling system, which means recyclable paper, plastic, metal and plastic can all be put in the recycling bin.
  • When is the heat or air conditioning turned on? The heat is generally turned on around October 15. Air conditioning is generally turned on around April 15. These dates vary with the average weather conditions and temperature.
  • What do I do if I have previously submitted a work request and I need to make a change or cancel it? Email  with the change. Please do not submit another web request for the change.
  • Hardware: I need a tool, can I borrow one? We do not loan out tools to students, however, if you need something fixed or worked on please submit a work order through school dude at
  • Can individuals or departments hire consultants and contractors directly for projects and renovations? No. All consultants and contractors are to be engaged by FMPC.
  • How do I obtain a key to an office, classroom, or building? Dependent of the level of key be requested, personnel must have an appropriate email authorization from an Authorized Signatory. This approval is needed before keys are issued to College faculty and staff. Office secretary/administrative support staff submits an online work request to FMPC including the following information: Individuals name, building with room number and contract dates. Name of the Authorized Signatory should be included in the work request. All requests are reviewed by the Assistant Director of Operations before being processed.
  • How soon will someone come when I put in a work order? Every work order that is entered into the system is routed to the appropriate department supervisor and assigned to a technician. Assignments are prioritized based on a number of factors that include emergency or safety issues, time of day the request is made, requested completion date, and/or availability of technicians or materials. You will receive a notification email letting you know that your request has been received and the current status it has been given. You will also receive notification if the status changes or if the request is a duplicate or is being declined. Finally, you will receive notification when the technician assigned to your request files it as complete.
  • How do I request service on laundry machines (washer or dryer)? Visit for laundry machine concerns. 
  • Who do I contact if my internet is not working? Email for IT, and internet concerns.
  • What is the difference between a work order (SchoolDude) request and a space/project request and how do I know which one to use?
    • Work Orders are submitted for campus buildings and grounds requiring maintenance, building repairs, custodial care and other service needs. Examples of typical work order requests categories include the following: Building and/or grounds related, maintenance, repairs, utilities, custodial services, trash and recycling, landscaping, paving and college roadways maintenance, lawn and other grounds care, snow removal, furniture moving. Typically, work order requests are payed for through the FMPC operating budget. Please review the FMPC commitment to service document on the website for detailed descriptions of the FMPC budget intent.
    • Space and/or Project requests are submitted when requesting either additional space, temporary or permanent space, for a department or programme and/or requiring a physical change to the College in some fashion. Examples of project requests often fall into the following categories: Office, lab or classroom renovations/improvements, Alterations, New construction, Specialized equipment Installation, capital projects, both small and large scale planning. All Space/Project requests will be reviewed by the Space Planning Committee prior to approval. Please review the Campus Space Policy. Typically, Space and Project requests are not paid for by the FMPC budgets and it is incumbent upon the requestor to identify funds. To make a space and/or a project request, please click on the Space Request Form. After filling out the form, please obtain signatures from your department head and Dean or your Vice President for approval.  Send the form back to FMPC via email at

Campus Maps

Main Street Campus: North

The Main Street—or North—Campus is located in within eight blocks of a residential area. This campus is the center of daily life for most students, as it is home to the Reeves Library, Haupert Union Building (the HUB), and the athletics center. Nearly all students spend part of their day on “North Campus”--in classes, doing research, hanging around the Quad attending events, or participating in student clubs and activities.

View Campus Map 

Priscilla Payne Hurd Campus: South

The Priscilla Payne Hurd Campus is located eight blocks south of the Main Street Campus, in the Bethlehem Historic District. “South Campus” is home to Moravian’s music and art departments, as well as housing options for students. Concert halls, the Payne Art Gallery, art classrooms and studios, practice rooms, and creative-arts technology labs are all found here.

View South Campus map

Steel Athletic Complex

The Steel Field Athletics Complex, two blocks from the Main Street Campus. The Complex features Rocco Calvo Field Football Field, Breidegam Track, Blue & Grey Field for Softball, the Hoffman Tennis Courts, and Gillespie Field Home of the Baseball Team.

View Steel Athletic Complex Map