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Help Me Extend a Helping Paw!

I’M A RESCUED GREYHOUND, so I know what it’s like to get a second chance. My life was saved when Bryon brought me into his home at Moravian (he’s the President, in case you didn’t know).

I love being on campus with all the students throughout the year. But during this semester, I’ve noticed that some of the students aren’t here anymore. I miss them!

Since I spend a lot of my day in Bryon’s office, I get to hear a lot of conversations. Some of those are with students who are great kids and who love Moravian University (as I do!), but family circumstances have made it financially impossible for them to continue their education here.

I know this makes Bryon sad, and so I got to thinking—what can a greyhound like me do to help the student Greyhounds? Then it dawned on me. I’ll ask my friends to help those students who want to come back to Moravian but just can’t afford it. I’ll call the fund “Mo’s Fund” (after all, it was my idea).

SO THROW ME A BONE AND A FEW BUCKS to help get Mo’s Fund going, so we can help financially struggling students now. Join Bryon and other Greyhound alumni and friends who support Mo’s Fund.

Like me, student Greyhounds sometimes need to be rescued and given a second chance at fulfilling their dreams for a brighter future.

Thanks for your help!

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Why I Give ...

"Mo's Fund is an amazing opportunity at Moravian University. Receiving the money from Mo's Fund helped my family be able to afford my tuition during a difficult time.  It has helped me tremendously and allowed me to continue my studies at Moravian University where I am working my hardest and very happy to be here."

- Meeghan Rossi

Meeghan Rossi

What is Financial Hardship

Financial hardship is an unmanageable financial burden caused by unexpected adverse events.

What causes financial hardship?

Some causes of hardship are medical difficulties, death or job loss of a family member, fires, floods, or other disasters, or insupportable debt incurred for reasons beyond the individual’s control.

How many students are affected?

Approximately 25% of students who withdraw or take a leave of absence from Moravian do so for financial reasons.

How does Mo's Fund help?

Mo’s Fund has been established to provide financial support to Moravian University students who are experiencing financial hardship. The fund provides small grants that ease the burden for students experiencing a challenging time in their lives.