Moravian Scholarships

Many heartfelt thanks to our donors who support Moravian University students through annual and endowed scholarships. Your generosity is the reason that many of our students are able to afford college. We couldn’t be more grateful. 

The scholarship program at Moravian has grown tremendously over the past few years. The cohort of members consists of original funders, legacy relationships, and our newest members. You all share a similar commitment to placing scholarships at the highest level of philanthropic giving. 

Our work to connect you with your scholarship recipient(s) is vital. Your support is transformational, and we want you to know the people whose lives you have forever changed. It is also very important that your recipient understands why you feel compelled to give back. This mutual understanding plants the seed of philanthropy in the next generation of alumni and friends. 

Thank you for your unceasing support of our students and the Moravian Scholarships program! 

For more information, contact:

Heather L. Christein G’21
Director of Donor Engagement & Stewardship