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Student Handbook

Campus Life

Getting Involved

The best way to get the most out of your University experience is to participate in a variety of intellectual, cultural, and social activities. Find clubs or organizations that reflect your needs and interests. Check the weekly calendar online or in the HUB for special events. In general, try to use your out-of-class time on campus to create a base for your personal and pre-professional experiences. It can make the difference between going to classes and going to University.

Get to know faculty members and other students. Make the effort to meet both resident and commuter students. Introduce yourself to the people in your classes, join them for a snack in the HUB, talk with your professors after class, chat with administrators when you have occasion to meet with them. Establish the contacts and connections that will make you an involved member of the campus community.

Use the library. One of the most valuable resources available to students is Reeves Library. A good place to begin research for papers or topics of personal interest, it is also a good place to study, as well as a likely spot to bump into the students and faculty you have been getting to know in your classes.

Adjust to your new situation at home. Living at home and going to University is different from living at home and going to high school. Take time to discuss your new situation with your family. Come to a common understanding as to what your responsibilities are around the house, what information you need to provide about where you are and when you will return from campus, and what kind of support you will need in order to make a smooth adjustment to academic life. It may be a good idea to plan specific activities with your family while all of you are making the adjustment to your life as a student so they don't feel you have outgrown them or lost interest in them.