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Student Handbook

Campus Offices and Services

Moravian University provides many services to meet students' needs for information or assistance. Most University offices are open Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. during the Fall and Spring semesters. Hours may vary over the summer.

Academic Advising

Third Floor of Monocacy Hall

All Moravian students will be assigned to an advisor with whom they will work closely for support, feedback, and advice as they work toward academic, professional, and personal goals. Advisors can and will help with course sequence planning, but they should also be a resource for students for a variety of academic and professional career planning needs.

Academic Advising staff work closely with faculty advisors across departments and schools to help meet the needs of students in all phases of University life but also work closely with staff in related offices to help students onboard, progress, and graduate.

Academic support of various kinds is available to all Moravian students who are experiencing academic difficulty or who want to maximize their academic performance. Through individual and group programming, students are given opportunities to enhance the skills necessary for student success - from mastering course content to post-graduate planning.

Academic Support staff, both professional and peer, work closely with students, faculty as instructors, and staff in related offices.

First floor of Colonial Hall
610 861-1320 or 800 441-3191

The admissions staff provides information about the college search process and Moravian University for high school students and transfer students from other colleges or universities. All prospective students are encouraged to inquire about academic programs, student life, the application process, admissions standards, visiting campus, and financial assistance.

Moravian Book Shop
428 Main Street
610 866-5481

The student bookstore for Moravian University is the Moravian Book Shop, located in downtown Bethlehem and operated by Barnes and Noble College. The Moravian Book Shop sells and buys back new and used textbooks throughout the year. New and used textbooks can be reserved, packaged, and picked up at the Moravian Book Shop prior to the start of the semester. The Moravian Book Shop also offers a textbook rental program on selected titles. Textbooks and selected merchandise are also available online. The Book Shop stocks Moravian University apparel and Bethlehem- and Moravian-themed gift items, stationery and art supplies. Also available: special-order books, University rings, and cap and gown information.

Campus Police
119 W. Greenwich Street (open 24 hours a day)
610 861-1421 (in case of emergency: 911)

The mission of the Moravian University Police Department is to promote a safe and well-ordered environment for students, faculty, staff, and other members of the community by extending care and assistance, by overseeing the physical surroundings, and, when necessary, by enforcing laws and regulations, all carried out in a compassionate manner hallmarked by the values of respect, integrity, service, and excellence.

The campus police are responsible for protecting life and property, preventing and detecting crime on campus, and providing essential safety services to the University community. Their presence eliminates the necessity of depending upon outside agencies for public safety services, but the Campus Police Office works closely with area law enforcement agencies and fire departments.

Campus police officers are commissioned in accordance with 22 Pa.C.S.A. § 501, according to which "such policemen, so appointed, shall severally possess and exercise all the powers of a police officer in this Commonwealth, authority in and upon, and in the immediate and adjacent vicinity of all the property" of the University. In addition, campus police officers are certified under Act 235 -- Lethal Weapons Training Act and attend yearly update training under Act 120 -- the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers Training Act. Campus police officers enforce the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, ordinances of the City of Bethlehem, and the rules and policies of Moravian University.

Campus police officers patrol the campus on foot and in marked cars to ensure the safety of the University community. A police dog may accompany officers at times. Continual in-service training provides for professional delivery of law enforcement services.

Campus Police offers crime prevention programs, including RAD (rape defense); an engraving service for property registration; and an escort service. It also supervises and regulates parking.

Publications explaining these and other services can be picked up at the Moravian University Police Department, the HUB desk, the Registrar's Office, or the Office of Student Life.

First floor of Colonial Hall

The Cashier's Office collects and processes payments of tuition, fees, and other miscellaneous account charges. The Cashier's Office will also accept various deposits for the University and assists with many customer service functions of the Student Accounts Department.  

Center for Career and Civic Engagement
Lower Level of Reeves Library

The Center for Career and Civic Engagement empowers students to develop the skills, experiences, confidence and connections necessary to pursue fulfilling careers while remaining civically-minded in their personal and professional endeavors.

  • Engage students in the development of knowledge, skills, sensitivity, and commitment necessary for a lifetime of meaningful and effective participation in local, and increasingly global, communities.
  • Support students in the career development process through structured major/career exploration, purposeful experiential learning opportunities, and professional development connected to career-readiness competencies in preparation for fulfilling careers.
  • Enhance relationships between the University and community partners by increasing student commitment and accountability to employers, agencies and service networks.
  • Sustain a welcoming culture that fosters University-wide collaborative relationships to promote educationally meaningful career preparation and reflective civic engagement experiences through community based learning.

Center for Global Education 
1140 Main Street
610 625-7896

The Center for Global Education (CGE) serves as a central resource for international students and scholar services (ISSS) and education abroad/away (EA) and collaboratively supports international enrollment management (IEM).

ISSS services include but are not limited to:

  • facilitating the experiences of international students, international exchange students, international scholars, and short-term international visitors
  • provides immigration orientation
  • serves as academic advisor/point person for exchange students and short-term visitors holding J visas
  • creates and maintains Moravian University issued F and J Visa holders' SEVIS records
  • immigration advisement and other issues related to the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)
  • tax filing information for international students/visitors
  • advising about employment as an international student/visitor
  • advising about post-graduation employment options
  • a resource for a variety of cultural matters
  • facilitates, supports, and leads diverse intercultural activities and interactions on and off campus

EA services include but are not limited to:

  • encourages ALL students in ALL majors to study abroad/away for short-term, faculty led, semester, or year long
  • ensures that all (CGE supported) travelers have appropriate travel insurance policies - additional fees may apply
  • works with students to assist in decision and preparation for EA
  • explains study abroad/away options available including
    • Short term Faculty led
    • Exchange Programs
    • Affiliate Programs
    • Global internships/Service learning
  • provides study abroad/away advisement and works collaboratively with the financial aid office, student accounts, housing, and others in support of student's study abroad/away plans
  • facilitates administrative processes for study abroad/away including transfer credit (where applicable) through official international transcripts in collaboration with the Moravian University Registrar
  • provides pre-departure orientation, in country check-in, and re-entry meeting
  • offers suggestions of programs that are in alignment with student preference including best academic terms for study such as spring break, winter, May-term spring or fall semester
  • supports student visa processes, however - please note
  • assures student's affiliate program educational expense (where applicable and up to $10,000.00) payment is processed

IEM services include but are not limited to:

  • central informational resource for international student recruitment, newly admitted students/visitors
  • facilitating the experiences and answers questions of international students applicants and MU staff

For more information, visit the CGE website at

Center for Inclusive Excellence

1138 Main Street

The Center for Inclusive Excellence provides leadership and works across the institution to support and sustain the development of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus culture where members of the community experience a sense of belonging. Our work centers on critical reflection, community conversations, compassion, and collaboration. Please contact Inclusive Excellence at

Counseling and Psychological Services
1307 Main Street
610 861-1510

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides individual, couples, and group psychotherapy (not available at all times) to full-time undergraduate and graduate students. Virtual psychiatry services are available upon assessment and referral by one of the CAPS therapists. Students experiencing personal difficulty, interested in gaining increased self-knowledge, or wanting to develop more efficient coping skills are encouraged to contact CAPS. CAPS staff consists of one full-time licensed psychologist, four full-time licensed therapists, a full-time Community Support Coordinator (case manager), an Office Manager, and graduate level interns. All therapy sessions are confidential and free of charge.

CAPS staff members may refer a student to off-campus professionals when necessary to provide the appropriate care. It may be, for example, that the student requires more frequent, extended, or continuous services or requires the support of a professional with a particular expertise. Decisions of this nature are made on a case-by-case basis. The Community Support Coordinator can assist with the referral process and provide support and guidance.

Please visit for more information.

Dining Services
Lower level of the HUB
610 861-1496

A professional dining service, Sodexo, operates the resident board program, the Blue and Grey Cafe, DeLight's Café, Clewell Convenience, and special dining programs and services, including all receptions and other hospitality activities.

For more information on dining choices, plans, news and offerings, please refer to our web page.

Questions about selection of resident board plans can be directed to the Office of Student Life, 1301 Main St, 610 861-1503.

Disability and Accommodations
Upper Level of Reeves Library
610 861-1401

The Office of Disability and Accommodations provides disability accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to qualified students with disabilities.

Equal Opportunity & Title IX 
1309 Main St
610 861-1529

Housed at 1309 Main Street, the Equal Opportunity and Title IX office acts as a resource for members of the Moravian community who have experienced protected class harassment or discrimination, sex/sex-based discrimination, or sexual violence, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, or sexual exploitation. The office connects individuals with supportive measures, offers reporting and resolution options, and provides training and education to the campus community.

Equal Opportunity & Title IX works closely with The ADVOCATES for Survivors of Sexual Assault, comprised of trained faculty and staff who offer immediate support and triage to survivors of sexual violence.  The ADVOCATES are a 24/7 service that can be reached by calling or texting (484) 764-9242.

For more information, please contact the Equal Opportunity & Title IX office at

Financial Aid
First floor of Colonial Hall
610 861-1330

For information about financial aid, please see the Financial Aid policies in the University Policies section of this handbook.

Haupert Union Building
Locust and Monocacy Streets
610 861-1418

The Haupert Union Building, known affectionately as the "HUB," was built in 1962. The HUB was the first college union in the Lehigh Valley. Named for Dr. Raymond Haupert, President of Moravian University from 1944 to 1969, the HUB serves students, faculty, staff, and community members visiting the University.

The Haupert Union Building offers services, activities, and programs for the convenience and enjoyment of members of the campus community. Holding many events and meetings on campus, the HUB truly serves as the center of the campus community.

Please note that the Haupert Union Building is currently undergoing construction and the daily operations of this building have been shifted to PPHAC, with the HUB Desk located in the PPHAC 1st floor atrium. Keep up with the latest construction updates by visiting!

Health Center
Hillside 5H, West Laurel Street
610 861-1567

The Moravian University Health Center is managed by St. Luke's Hospital through the St. Luke's Hospital Occupational Health Program and provides a variety of services during the fall and spring terms. Students do not need health insurance to visit the Health Center.

Visits to the Health Center are by appointment: Monday-Friday from 9am-12 pm and 1pm-4pm. A Nurse Practitioner is available during open hours and appointments can be scheduled by calling the health center or emailing the health center ( A physician is available for scheduled appointments on select days.

All entering students (residential and commuter students) must submit completed medical forms to the Health Center via the student health portal ( in accordance with the University's stated deadline. Required immunizations are:

  • Hepatitis B series - three doses
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) - two doses (first dose on or after 1st birthday) or blood test showing immunity
  • Meningitis conjugate vaccine (MCV) on or after 16th birthday
  • Polio (OPV or IPV) series
  • Tdap - on or after 10th birthday and required within the past ten years
  • Varicella - two doses (first dose on or after 1st birthday) or blood test showing immunity

Tuberculin screening is completed with the students’ online portal forms and if needed a tuberculin test is required within the past year.

Incoming students who have not completed their health center requirements may not be permitted to move into their on-campus housing or attend class until they meet the requirements.

If medical care is required when the Health Center is closed, students may visit:

Local Emergency Departments:

Local Urgent Care Centers:

Information Technology Department 
Reeves Library, Lower Level
610 861-1500

The Information Technology (IT) department assists members of the University community with computer/technology usage, networking (wireless/wired), voice communications, multimedia, and audiovisual technology. The IT department also maintains the University's technology infrastructure, develops and maintains applications for business and academic operations, provides telecommunication services, supports the intranet portal (AMOS), and conducts information technology training.

The IT website ( provides up-to-date information about computer labs, printers, software applications (including GSuite for Education), help desk support, information security, and media and audiovisual services.


The IT department information the institution regarding policy adoption related to technology and information security. Policies are posted on the institutional policy page: Examples of specific policies include:

Technology Fee

The Moravian University technology fee supports the full range of information, education, and instructional technology services offered to students at Moravian University and Moravian Theological Seminary. The fee provides, among other amenities and tools:

  • MacBook, iPad, and accessories (fee and equipment vary per program)
  • shared infrastructure (e.g. internet, email, network level security tools, classroom technology, labs)
  • academic tools and resources (e.g. intranet (AMOS), Canvas, specialized software)
  • multimedia tools for loan (e.g. projectors, cameras, audio and video recorders).

Locust and Monocacy Streets
Director: 610 861-1579
Circulation: 610 861-1544 
Reference: 610 861-1543
Electronic Resources: 610 861-1547
Streaming Video: 610 861-7876

Reeves Library contains a collection of more than 244,000 books in print and 498,000 in e-book format, more than 28,000 e-journals, and 77 research databases. It provides study space for more than 400 students, including glass study rooms, individual carrels, group study areas and lounge seating. The Library is home to the Zinczenko New Media Center with a video and audio recording studio. Digital collaboration spaces with screen sharing monitors, moveable furniture and moveable whiteboards allow students to reconfigure spaces for multimodal collaboration. Also located on the lower level is the IT helpdesk, the Classroom/Aduivisual Technology Services office, and the mailroom. The Center for Career and Civic Engagement is temporarily located on the lower level during the construction of the HUB.

Hours fall and spring academic terms
(Check the library website for summer and winter term hours)

Monday-Thursday: 8:00 a.m.-11:30 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.
Saturday: 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Sunday: 1:00 p.m.-11:30 p.m.

Online Resources

The library's website includes access to the library's online resources (database, e-books and library catalog), as well as course, topic, and program research guides, and digital archives. Students may access databases from off campus by entering their AMOS username and password. The webpage may be accessed at

Reference/Information Literacy

Reference librarians are available for assistance in the use of library resources in person, via chat, e-mail, Zoom, or telephone, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, and other times by appointment. Information literacy instruction is available for classes and groups.


Books in the general collection may be checked out for three weeks; children's, young adult literature, educational curriculum materials, and DVDs may be checked out for one week. Honors students may keep books for the academic year. Independent study students may keep them for the semester. Books may be renewed through your online library account or by contacting the library.


Materials on reserve are located at the circulation desk.

Direct loan of library materials

With their Moravian ID, students have access to the library collections of LVAIC member colleges and universities: Cedar Crest, Lafayette, and Muhlenberg Colleges, and DeSales and Lehigh Universities. The combined holdings of LVAIC libraries amount to about 2 million volumes.

Interlibrary loan 

Access to library resources nationally and internationally is also available. Interlibrary loan requests are submitted electronically. Before submitting the request, students should discuss their needs with a reference librarian. Interlibrary loan articles are delivered electronically to your Moravian email.

Printers and Scanners

There are four printers available throughout the building including a color printer on the lower level. A scanner is available on the library's main floor and documents may be sent directly to your email account.


North Campus:
Lower Level of Reeves Library
Phone: 610 861-1631
Fall and Spring Semester window-service hours: 
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:25 PM
Summer window-service hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:25 PM   

South Campus:
The HILL, First Floor
Mailboxes and lockers are available for self-service 24/7


Student Mailboxes:

South campus residents: The University provides physical mailboxes for resident students on South campus only. The assigned mailbox number and combination can be found in our AMOS account under MY MAILBOX. This number should appear on all incoming mail and packages. 

North campus residents: The assigned mailbox number can be found in your AMOS account under MY MAILBOX. This number should appear on all incoming mail and packages. All mail and packages must be picked up at the front desk in the mailroom, located on the lower level of Reeves LIbrary.

All mail and packages should be addressed as follows:
Student Name
Box # _____
Moravian University
1200 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018

Students will receive an email notification from the Mailroom when any mail or packages are ready for pick up. On South campus, packages are picked up from the self-service locker system. On North campus, packages are picked up from the Mailroom on the lower level of Reeves Library. Packages should be picked up in a timely manner. Students must show the email notifications and student ID card or other photo ID in order to pick up mail and packages. Please note that the Mailroom is not equipped to handle perishable grocery and food deliveries as there is no refrigeration or freezer access. 

The Reeves Mailroom offers stamps for purchase. Packages (50 lbs. max.) may also be sent from the Reeves location via USPS or UPS. Credit and debit cards are the only form of payment accepted for stamps and mailing services.

US Mail and packages are picked up daily at 8:15 AM from the Bethlehem Post Office. Any delivery notifications you receive from outside delivery services after that time may not be available until later in the afternoon or the next day. Outgoing mail must be received by  1:00 PM to be mailed out the same day. 

Mo's Cupboard
610 861-1503

Mo's Cupboard provides shelf-stable food items, toiletries, dorm and cleaning supplies to any Moravian University, Graduate, or Seminary student in need. Mo's Cupboard is open any time the PPHAC is open. We also provide information for various community resources that may be of help. For more information, send an email to

119 W. Greenwich Street
610 861-1421

All students must register their vehicle(s) with the Moravian University Police Department if they park on campus or up to one half-mile from campus. There is an annual fee for commuter students for registering a car on campus, which should be done at the Moravian University Police Department at the beginning of the term. Resident students authorized to have a vehicle on campus must participate in an annual parking selection process. Students who choose to live off campus within a half mile may not enter the selection process. Freshmen students are not authorized to have a vehicle on campus. Parking permit stickers must be appropriately displayed on the lower left corner of the driver’s side rear windshield. All students issued a parking permit are only allowed to park in the designated lot and are not permitted to park on any roadway or parking lot within a 1/2 mile of Main Campus or the Hurd Campus. All students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the institutional parking policy. The Parking Rules and Regulations can be viewed by clicking here.

Questions about parking and vehicle operation on campus should be directed to Campus Police, 610 861-1421.

Monocacy Hall
610 861-1350

The institutional registrar manages scheduling for day session students and course registration for all sessions. The office maintains academic records, posts grades on the campus network, and provides transcripts upon written request. The registrar also processes course additions and withdrawals, parent and student name and address changes, declarations of major, changes of major, graduation certification, diploma orders, veteran certifications, verifications of enrollment, loan deferments, and approvals of summer study at other institutions. The office also provides forms and course information for cross registration at LVAIC institutions and for internships and independent study.

Campus Shuttle Service
1415 Cortland Street
610 861-1550

Shuttle service is offered to the campus community seven days a week during the academic semester. Shuttle service may be limited during University holidays. View the shuttle schedule and a complete list of stops.

Spirituality and Inclusion 
Lenox House
1224 Lenox Ave.
610 861-1583

The Office of Spirituality and Inclusion seeks to form connections creating an inclusive community that honors diversity and engages in spiritual dialogue in the pursuit of supporting and preparing students for a reflective life in a world of change. The chaplain provides opportunities for worship, discussion, fellowship, education, and personal growth. In addition, she is available for counseling. Learn more about chaplaincy here!

The Office of Spirituality and Inclusion offers opportunities to become involved in faith-based programs, worship experiences, and interfaith dialogue. The Moravian University Spiritual Fellowship (MUSF), Catholics on Campus, Hillel for Jewish Students and Muslim Students Association clubs are coordinated through this office. These groups offer a variety of worship, fellowship, spiritual formation programs, and retreats, as well as periodic opportunities to travel off campus to meet other students with similar interests.

Borhek Chapel, located at the north end of Comenius Hall, may be used during the academic year by University organizations. It must be reserved by contacting the director of the HUB and event management at ext 1492.

The University chaplain offers weekly song and prayer gatherings at 7:15 p.m. Thursdays in the Office of Spirituality and Inclusion in Bahnson Center. 

Confidential pastoral care, counseling, and programming are available for students of all faith and non-faith backgrounds.  Please call the Office of Spirituality and Inclusion to set up an appointment.

Student Accounts 
First floor of Colonial Hall
610 625-7142

Student bills are prepared and sent by the Office of Student Accounts. Questions about invoices should be directed to this office. Student Accounts also handles information on payment plans, requests for refunds, online account inquiries, insurance coverage, distribution of 1098-Ts, and billing businesses, community organizations and clubs, and government agencies for tuition assistance. The University will withhold transcripts, access to AMOS, and diplomas for accounts with unpaid balances.

Student Life
1301 Main Street
610 861-1503

The division of Student Life strives to advance the educational mission and vision of the University by promoting the development of the whole student within a campus climate that is both challenging and supportive. We encourage students to embrace liberal learning at this historic University by exploring answers to the following questions:

  • Who am I?
  • How will we learn from each other?
  • What is our responsibility to the world?

Staff in the division commit to the following core values as we carry out our mission:

  • Student Centered: Empower one another to keep students as the focus of all decisions made and services provided by reflecting on the question: "Is this choice in the best interest of Moravian students?"
  • Collaboration: Cultivate intentional, productive and respectful partnerships by reflecting on the question: "How will including others lead to shared success?"
  • Inclusivity: Embrace diversified experiences, perspectives, and values by reflecting on the question: "Are we advancing our commitment to equity and justice in our community?"
  • Community Focused: Modeling compassion and empathy with our community partners by reflecting on the question: "What is our impact on the world?"
  • Transparency: Sustain trust and confidence through open and honest communication by reflecting on the question: "Are we engaging, explaining, and clarifying expectations?"

The division is comprised of the following programs, offices and services: athletics, campus police, career and civic engagement, conference and event management, counseling and psychological services, dining services, disability and accommodations, Greek life, health center, housing, new student orientation, residence life, spirituality and inclusion, student accountability and conflict transformation, student engagement, and veteran and military services.

The executive vice president for university life and dean of students oversees all activities of the division of Student Life. The Student Life house includes the professional staff for Greek life, housing, residence life, student accountability and conflict transformation, and spirituality and inclusion, and student engagement.

Veteran and Military Affairs 
Second Floor of Reeves Library
610 861-1363

Moravian University welcomes all military-connected students. Military-connected students are defined as student veterans, military service members (Active-Duty, Reservists, and National Guard members), and their family members (spouse and/or child) and ROTC cadets.

Moravian's Office of Veteran and Military Affairs is here to help with your transition to University life, offering a centralized resource for prospective and currently enrolled military-connected students seeking guidance and assistance regarding admissions to Moravian, GI Bill® benefits, Moravian's certification process, and access to support services. Additionally, a physical space, The Bunker, serves as a dedicated place for student-veterans to connect with a like-minded community on campus.

Please visit for more information.