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Qualifying life event- Marriage or divorce

Changes in your marital status may require some updates to your employee record and benefits.

Are you changing your name? You will need to update your name change with the Social Security Office prior to officially changing your name. Once this has been accomplished, we can update your name in our system accordingly. Please let us know if you would like to change your email address with your new name.

Federal Taxes - You may want to amend your Federal Withholding status.  You can do so through our employee self service system. A how-to is located at the same link. 

Pension – If you are eligible for this benefit, Federal law mandates that spouses are entitled to fifty percent of the benefits from a pension plan.  Therefore, if you do not name your spouse as primary beneficiary under your TIAA plan, he/she must sign the form to indicate that he/she has waived his/her right to this benefit. You can update this information online with TIAA.

Life Insurance – If you are enrolled in this benefit, you may want to update your primary beneficiary. 

Flex Accounts, Health, Dental, or Vision Plans – Your marriage is a life status change and allows you to add your spouse to benefit plans that you are currently enrolled in. Click here and log in to enroll. For health insurance, we will need a copy of your marriage certificate. 

Please contact our office at 610.861.1528 to answer any questions you may have.