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Moravian College
Human Resources

RECRUITMENT and orientation process 

Recruiting Process

  1. Review and follow Job Posting Instructions

  2. Human Resources will post the position and send an email to you as the search chair with information about the recruiting process.

  3. Human Resources will create a google folder for your position. The folder will include a ranking spreadsheet and all applications. 

  4. You will have access to share the google drive folder with your search committee.

  5. Invite the HR Specialist to all search committee meetings. This allows the HR Specialist to stay updated on the search and move the candidates into different statuses in the recruiting system. Some statuses trigger automatic emails to candidates to let them know where they are in the process. This will help allow the best candidate experience.

  6. Schedule Interviews

    1. When scheduling interviews, reviewing supervisors must plan for candidates to meet with HR for a brief interview and introduction to benefits.

    2. Complete professional reference checks for interviewed candidates.

  7. Once you are ready to offer a candidate, communicate with the Vice President for Human Resources for staff positions or the Provost for academic positions regarding starting salary.

  8. If you would like a copy of the offer letter, it may be provided to you upon request.

  9. The candidate will then receive an offer letter from the Vice President for Human Resources or the Provost through the Ascentis Recruiting system.

    1. If the employee will need a computer and/or phone, the supervisor must complete the New Employee Computer & Telephone Request Form and get signatures from the appropriate VP and then the Director of Budget & Financial Reporting before it is returned to IT.

    2. If the phone is in place from the incumbent, contact the IT help desk or

  10. Once electronically signed, the candidate will be taken through the orientation process in the system.

  11. Human Resources or the Provost Office will also send all of the remaining candidates to the rejection statuses once the offer has been accepted.

Orientation Process

Before the new employee's start date 

  1. Human Resources will reach out to you regarding setting up New Hound Orientation on their first day. Please follow the Supervisor New Hire checklist

  2. Human Resources will reach out to the new hire to welcome them to the College and provide helpful guides and links.

On the employee's start date:

  1. Please follow the Supervisor New Hire checklist 

  2. The new hire will meet with HR for approximately 45 minutes to do their outstanding paperwork and go through New Hound Orientation. A benefits orientation and Admissions tour will be set up for them at this time.

  3. Throughout the first year, you are expected to follow the orientation and onboarding process. New Hire satisfaction surveys will be sent to the new hire throughout the year to ensure that the process is running smoothly and to ensure that they do have any questions or concerns. The survey results are confidential; however, any concerns will be addressed with Human Resources and the Supervisor, if necessary.