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InFocus: War & Peace, Poverty & Inequality, Sustainability, Healthcare

Pedagogy & research grants

Highlighting grants connected to InFocus Challenge Areas

Is there something that you would like to see added to this collection? Have you received a grant for work connected to one of the InFocus centers of investigation? We'd love to know! Click here to email the InFocus team.

Internal Grants

TLC/InFocus Faculty Development Grant 

2018 Recipients

  • Franca Roibal Fernandez (Modern Languages): "War, Peacebuilding and the Just Society: A Course on the Military Dictatorship and its Aftermath in Uruguay" 
  • Dietlinde Heilmayr (Psychology): "Community Gardens, Refugee Transitions, and Health"
  • Carol Moeller (Philosophy): "Democratizing Knowledge: Toward `Beloved Communities'"
  • Faith Okpotor (Political Science):  "Connecting Two Political Science Courses to War, Peacebuilding and the Just Society InFocus Challenge Area"
  • Daniel Proud (Environmental Science): "Honeybees as a Model of Sustainability"
  • Faculty Community of Practice Mentors: John Black (English) and Ginny O'Connell (Sociology)

2017 Recipients

InFocus / International Studies Global Travel Seminar Grant 

2018 Call for Proposals

The Center for Global Education and InFocus announce a Call for Proposals for a grant to develop an InFocus Global Travel Seminar for Moravian College students. Please contact Christian Sinclair or Kelly Denton-Borhaug with any questions. 

External Grants

Japan-United States Friendship Commission

JUSFC_logo copy.png

Building Friendship Between Moravian College and Osaka Ohtani University through InFocus Global Seminars 

With support from the Japan-US Friendship Commission, Moravian College will continue to deepen the long standing relationship between Moravian College and Osaka Ohtani University. As sister universities, Osaka Ohtani has sent students to Moravian for nearly twenty years. In May 2017, the first InFocus Global Seminar to Japan took a group of Moravian students to Osaka Ohtani in Tondabayashi, Japan. Through the support from the JUSFC, Moravian is able to further develop and support this exchange by including a study trip to Washington, DC, for students from Osaka Ohtani and Moravian during the annual student visit, as well as providing reduced cost for Moravian students to participate in the InFocus Global Seminar to Japan in May. In addition, the support from the JUSFC will enable Moravian to host Japanese scholars for short-term residencies.