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Carmen Ferrero


Associate Professor of Spanish 


  • Licenciatura en Filología, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain
  • M.A.T., University of Maine
  • Ph.D., Rutgers University


Phone: 610-861-1394
Office: Comenius Hall, Room 412

Areas of Research and/or Expertise

Contemporary peninsular literature, sociolinguistics and languages in contact


Carmen Ferrero teaches courses on Spanish language, literature and culture. She regularly teaches a course in English for the LinC curriculum on Spain´s literary masterpieces, and she also teaches in the Spanish for Health Professional Certificate Program. She has taught a First Year Writing Seminar: From Text to Film: Exploring Spanish Literature Adaptations. Dr. Ferrero has directed several SOAR and Honors projects, and one of her honor students received a research Fulbright to study at the Universidad Autónoma in Madrid. She has organized and led several study abroad courses in Spain: Monarchs, Heroes and Myths: The Formation of Spain as a Nation, and Introduction to Madrid and Toledo.

Her most recent conference participation was at the XXX Congreso Internacional de Literatura y Estudios Hispánicos, that took place in Seville (Spain), June 2022. She presented a paper entitled "Simbolismo y metáfora: la naturaleza y el mundo de las aves en la obra de María Luisa Bombal y Elena Quiroga."

Dr. Ferrero enjoys the study and teaching of Spanish poetry, from the Golden Age mystics to contemporary poets. In 2016, her translation into English of Marina Romero’s poems were published by the International Poetry Review, a literary journal of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Carmen Ferrero has served in several university committees and was directly involved in the interviewing and hiring of four full-time faculty members of her department. During her time as department chair, she made Arabic and Italian permanent course offerings for students, besides French, German, Latin and Spanish.