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Faculty grants and grant administration

The Moravian University Grants Office is your source for information on external funding opportunities, assistance with preparing grant applications, and assistance with managing grant awards. Contact the Grants Office for help with the "three Rs:"


  • Talk with us about your research interests so that when opportunities become available, we know whether or not they are a fit for your research.
  • Talk with us about specific ideas you have for a project so that we can explore whether or not there are external funds available for it.


  • Have a source of external funding but you’re not sure how to get started with an application?
  • Need general institutional information for an application?
  • Need help with budgeting?
  • Need help reviewing and copyediting?
  • We can help with all of these aspects of grant writing, and more!


  • Most grant awards require reporting on the success of the grant at least once or twice during the grant period. We can help with both the narrative and financial pieces of a report.

Contact the Grants Office for more information:

Dr. Rob Breckinridge
Colonial Hall 321

To get started on a grant

  • Contact Rob Breckinridge in the Grants Office to begin the grant approval process (60-90 days before grant deadline).
  • Complete the Grant Approval Form and share with appropriate persons for review and approval (60-90 days before grant deadline). View instructions and sample form.
  • Check-in meeting on proposal narrative, project budget, and supplemental materials (at least 30 days before grant deadline).
  • Provide final application materials to Grants Office at least 1 week prior to grant deadline for submission.

Policies and Procedures

NSF Important Notice Regarding Sexual Harassment

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

Research Integrity Policy

PHS/NIH Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

Moravian Financial Conflict of Interest Policy (NSF and others)

Time and Effort Reporting Policy

Course Buyout Policy

Grant Purchasing and Procurement Policy

NEH Summer Stipends Institutional Nomination Process


PHS/NIH Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Moravian Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Effort Report Form

NIH PI Assurance Certification

Selected Funding Opportunities

Federal Funding

Private Foundation and Organization Funding

Faculty Development

Interested in becoming a reviewer of NSF proposals? 

Interested in becoming a reviewer of NEH proposals? 

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