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Provost's Research Fellowship


To promote the ongoing scholarly and creative productivity of post-tenure Moravian University faculty, the Provost will award a limited number of Provost Research Fellowships.  The Provost Research Fellowship is awarded to tenured faculty allowing them to focus on a time-sensitive project.  Fellowships consist of a reassignment of up to one course unit.


Applications are open to any tenured faculty member who has not completed a sabbatical in the previous academic year, who is not currently on sabbatical or parental leave, and who is not approved to complete a sabbatical in the upcoming academic year.  

Prior to applying for a Provost Research Fellowship the faculty member should :

  1. Discuss the possibility of applying for the fellowship with their department chair or school dean.
  2. After consultation with the department chair or school dean, the application should be submitted to the appropriate College or Seminary dean.
  3. The College or Seminary dean will forward acceptable proposals to the Provost for final review.  The provost may consult with TPRC before awarding fellowships.


Faculty who wish to apply for the fellowship should submit a written proposal, not to exceed 2-3 pages, that includes:

  1. the project/opportunity;
  2. why this initiative is time-sensitive and cannot wait for a regular sabbatical proposal;
  3. The anticipated outcome(s) of the Provost Research Fellowship;
  4. The impact on university college, school, department and/or program offerings

Proposals are due to the provost by October 1 for the subsequent Spring term and February 1 for the subsequent Fall term.

At the conclusion of the project, the Fellow will provide a summary of the project’s outcome(s) to the Provost’s Office.  This report should be submitted no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the project.  Reports are filed in the faculty member’s permanent file and shared with the relevant college and school deans.

Evaluation Criteria:

In awarding fellowships, the provost will prioritize applications based:

  • The quality of the application
  • Likelihood that the Fellowship will result in the intended goals
  • Individuals who have not recently received a previous Fellowship
  • If a previous Fellowship was granted, the success of the previous Fellowship (as evidenced by the project report)
  • Overall impact on the academic unit; support from the academic unit
  • Expected impact on the students’ experience

Project Award Winners

2022: Angela Fraleigh, Professor of Art