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Welcome To Navigate! 

Navigate gives you a convenient way to keep track of your students – raising alerts when you observe a pattern of behavior that concerns you to ensure that the people on campus who can intervene are aware. It also allows your students to easily book an appointment with you or someone else who can help. Navigate will automatically display all students that you have been assigned or are enrolled in your courses. Getting started is easy!

You can easily access Navigate in 1 of 2 ways:


Raising am alert or making a referral should be an action step in the process of identifying and intervening a potential roadblock to students’ academic success.

A direct conversation, either in person or through email (or other electronic means) should always be the first, and ongoing, part of the process. Your communication should also be documented as a Note in the students file in Navigate and/or in the case comments.

With Navigate, faculty and advisors can…..

  • Raise academic alerts to provide feedback to students about missing work, attendance issues, showing improvement, or doing well.
  • Refer students to academic services on campus.
  • Keep notes about your advisees. Keeping notes on each advising appointment enables you to continue the conversation with students when they meet with you again or if questions ever arise regarding what was discussed in an appointment. After an appointment, please locate the "Report on Appointment" feature and enter any relevant information. 

Use Navigate to…..

  • Inform. Navigate provides a quick and convenient way to reach multiple people within a students' network in order to provide information and updates. It can tell you at glance which advisee may be facing challenges.
  • Facilitate. Gives you the information you need to start a conversation with advisees about their challenges and barriers.
  • Support. Allows for information to flow in a way that will better support student success.

How can I support my advisees?

You are the first line of defense! You are notified any time an alert is raised on one of your advisees.  Reach out to the student however you feel is best to chat about the alert and how to handle it. Make sure to check back with the advisee to confirm follow through and update the alert/case with any comments. Challenged by what to do next? You can always reach out to the Academic Support Team by emailing

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