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Welcome To Momentum! Getting started is easy!

You can easily access Momentum in 1 of 4 ways:

  • Enter into your web browser.
  • Click on the Momentum button located in Canvas.
  • Click on the Momentum button located in Okta
  • Click on the Momentum logo at the top of this page.

Student: Getting Started guide

Why should I use Momentum?

  • Informs. Faculty may use Momentum (in addition to regular discussions and emails) to let you know if they are concerned about your academic progress throughout the term.
  • Facilitates. Gives you the information you need to know to start conversations with your faculty members about concerns you may be having.
  • Allows you to ask for help. You can raise your hand to ask for help in a course (the instructor will be notified) or just for help in general (your advisor will be notified).

How do I use Momentum?

  • Check Your Email. You’ll receive notification of a faculty member’s concern. You can also set the system to send it to you via text.
  • Take Action! If you get a flag or a referral notice, do something about it. Speak with your advisor or instructor. Reach out to a member of the Student Success Team. Make arrangements for a tutor.
  • Celebrate! If you get a kudos, celebrate and stay focused.
  • Schedule! Arrange appointments with your advisor or the Student Success Team.

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More Information

Click any of the links below for more information on how Momentum helps keep you connected to your advisor, your instructors and the community.

Additional questions? Email us at! We’re always happy to hear from you!