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2021 SOAR Summer Research Presentation Series

The Moravian University Student Opportunities for Research (SOAR) program invites you to come to our summer research presentations on Wednesdays from June 30 through August 4th. Presentations will be held on Moravian’s Main Campus in the Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex, PPHAC room 102, and via Zoom.

If you are joining us in person, please be aware that we are following Moravian’s guidelines for masking: If you are not vaccinated, you are required to wear a mask. If you are vaccinated, you are not required to wear a mask, but masks are encouraged for everyone for the sake of inclusivity in our community. We will also follow moderate social distancing guidelines.

Please reach out to the program director, Dr. Sarah Johnson, at to receive the Zoom link. We hope to see you at our presentation series.

Here is the list of student presenters, their majors, their research advisors, and their research project titles, by date. Presentations are not in order. The order will be given in weekly email announcements, or you can reach out to if you would like that information.  

June 30

Anthony DiSipio (Environmental Science); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joshua Lord (Biological Sciences) Title: Environmental Effects on Group Dynamics in Shrimp

Emily Saulino (Biochemistry); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Stephen Dunham (Chemistry) Synthesizing Rhodium-Maleimide-Glucose Complexes to Increase Solubility

July 7

Juliana Haddad (Biochemistry); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kelly Krieble (Physics & Earth Science) Characterization of Photochromic Lenses

Nadea Dundore (Biology); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kara Mosovsky (Biological Sciences) Do Selenium Antioxidants Aid in Bacterial Killing in a Macrophage Infection Model?

July 14

Tyler Clemente (History); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Heikki Lempa (History) Was the French Revolution a Religious Revolution? Maximilien Robespierre and the Cult of the Supreme Being

Eliza Grigsby (Neuroscience); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kara Mosovsky (Biological Sciences) Do Selenium Antioxidants Affect the Mechanism of Bacterial-Induced Macrophage Death?

Chad Propst (Biochemistry); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alison Holliday (Chemistry) Using GC-MS to Compare Different Washing Methods on Strawberries

July 21

Felycitie Lindsay (Public Health); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Colleen Payton (Public Health) Interviews with Community Stakeholders Who Work with Immigrants and Refugees in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Mitchell Melnick (Biochemistry); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Shari Dunham (Chemistry) Bioanalytical Methods to Screen Interactions of a 34-mer DNA Duplex with Rhodium

Rebecca Skibo (Chemistry); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carl Salter (Chemistry) Properties of Brooker's Merocyanine, a Solyatochromic Compound

July 28

Delanie Crabtree (Neuroscience); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sara McClelland (Biological Sciences) Effects of Organophosphates on Vertebrate Behavior and Neurodevelopment

Danielle Hanson (Philosophy); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carol Moeller (Philosophy) From Buddhism to Kierkegaard: How Philosophy Can Help Us Cope with Anxiety

Rose Michetti (Music Education); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hilde Binford (Music) Moravian Music: Creating Performance Editions from the Archives Assisted by Gwyneth A. Michel, Assistant Director, and David Blum, Research Librarian, Moravian Music Foundation

Aug 4

Garrison Koch (Applied Mathematics); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nathan Shank (Mathematics) Impartial Combinatorial Games on n x n Lattice and Addressing Graphs In coordination with the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF-REU) Site grant: Research Challenges of Computational and Experimental Mathematics

Joel Soto (English & Secondary Education); Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bess Van Asselt Queer and Trans* Youth Lives in the English Classroom