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Moravian College
Title IX

Resolution Options 

Members of the Moravian College community have a number of options available to remedy and resolve incidents of sexual misconduct.  Interim measures, including connection to counseling and support resources; academic, housing and workplace accommodations; no contact notices and other safety measures can be facilitated the Title IX Coordinator.

Survivors may choose to:
1) Utilize the College’s resolution processes (campus investigation or informal resolution options)
2) Initiate a report to local police (criminal investigation)
3) Pursue both or neither*

*Certain circumstances involving significant violence, threat to the community, or pattern of perpetration may necessitate that the College take action without the full participation of the survivor.

The campus resolution process, including a summary of rights and interim measures, is described in detail in the Sexual Misconduct Policy.  Additional information can also be found in the resources below. The Student Code of Conduct outlines the types of informal resolution that may be available to students.