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Announcements: Opportunities to develop teaching 

A New Series for 2022-2023: Excellence in Hybrid and Online Teaching Post Pandemic.

These sessions will consider how in the two years since the pandemic lockdowns, we learned a great deal collectively about the possibilities of online teaching. We have integrated Zoom for video conferencing sessions; become more proficient in Canvas for hosting content, assignments and grading; reviewed flexible pedagogies; and discussed the pros and cons of various assessment methods. Last year, we began the discussion about hybrid teaching (in its many forms) as a reality of our new normal. Faculty mentors for this series will include: Mary Culshaw, Arash Naraghi, and Laurie Kahn.

Professional Development Opportunities from OEI.

  • As usual, you are welcome to leverage QM opportunities if interested. There are free 1 hour webinars on various topics, or if you are looking to dive deeper you might consider signing up for a course. You can get $250 for your first full course completed, or for taking additional course(s)  that lead to QM certification. Contact Sarah Rentz at for more information. 

  • Would you like your online or hybrid course reviewed by an instructional designer, or do you have a course that you think may be close to, or ready for certification? If so, contact Sarah Rentz at to discuss. 

Please find recorded sessions linked in a google doc on this page, which is accessible by anyone with a '' email address.  Please note that you must be logged in with this account to access this file.