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The Teaching and Learning Center

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Teaching and Learning Center


The Teaching and Learning Center seeks to cultivate a vibrant, engaged community of individuals who are teachers and learners. According to the needs of Moravian University students, faculty, and programs, the TLC promotes innovation and excellence in teaching and learning across modalities. The TLC supports the scholarship of teaching and learning and provides structures that encourage, support, and assess evidence-based practices in teaching and learning.

2022-23 Advisory Group members are:

Shari Dunham (Chair, T, CAS, math/sci), Brigidda Bell (Seminary), Deborah Halliday (CoH, Nurs/Pub Hlth), Laurie Kahn (CAS, social sci), Jennifer Maloney (CoH, Rehab Sci), Kara Mosovsky (T, at-large, math/sci), Edward Nolan, (at-large, education)

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