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Summer Funding

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Summer Funding 2022

Faculty Pedagogy Grants

TLC Summer Grants provide incentive and support for faculty to reflect on their teaching, bring into focus the needs of today’s students, and envision innovative ways to approach their learning and improve and enhance your teaching and learning.  Proposals should indicate how faculty will develop a new section, element of a course, module, or activity (may be an academic activity outside the scope of a course). Applicants should make clear the difference in teaching practices that distinguishes the proposed plan from current/standard teaching methods within the department or within the field. The development of a new course alone does not constitute sufficient innovation of teaching practices. Please make clear the learning outcomes, the theoretical framework or educational model, and the resources to be consulted. 

Grant recipients will present at a 2022-2023 TLC event dedicated to publicly sharing developments with the faculty community. The presentations would be approximately 20 minutes (30 minutes including discussion) and focused on making the campus community aware of these ideas and innovations.  This presentation generally happens either towards the end of the affected course or after the semester the affected course is taught.  Recipients are also asked that their course and presentation materials be shared within the Moravian College community on an internal website. Click here for the detailed call for proposals.

Successful Grants Applications in 2022:

Allison Bloom: “Anthropology and Technology: Best Practices in Asynchronous Modalities”

Ben Coleman: “Learning File Systems and the Terminal Using an Online, Interactive Tool”

Dawn M. Goodolf: “A New Faculty Mentoring Model for the School of Nursing and Public Health”

Monica Kaniamattam and Louise Keegan: “Developing and implementing a multimodal problem-based learning (PBL) teaching problem on cultural and linguistic diversity”

Alison Roll, Jennifer Elinich, and Kimberly Wynarczuk: “Increasing the representation of diverse bodies and body expressions in physical therapy education”

Anastasia Thévenin: “Fostering Student Learning of Scientific Concepts Via Use of BioRender - a Web-Based Science Illustration Tool”

Successful Grants Applications in 2021:

Sandra Aguilar-Rodriguez: “Storytelling and Podcasts: Learning about the Past through Oral History”

Kristin Baxter: “LINC 101 Yoga, Mindfulness, & Writing: Children’s book project & Accessible Yoga Practices”

Kin Cheung: “Teaching Race and Antiracism through Asian American Experiences”

Ben Coleman: “Using an Interactive Learning Platform to Help Students Visualize Complex Technologies”

Eric Sanders, Mary Culshaw and Colin Tomes: “Merging Quality Matters with the Flipped Classroom Model”

Example Grant Application (from 2020):

Dr. James Tuefel, Dr. Beth Gotwals, Deb Halliday and Gillian Smith Sharkey, Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS)