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The Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center


Happy 2022, we look forward to supporting your teaching goals in this new year. Below please find information about upcoming January opportunities from TLC and OEI, including (1) Workshops and Events (2) Professional Development Opportunity from OEI and QM (3) Instructional Technology Contact Information & Workshops (4) Canvas and Other Resources. Please also stay tuned for upcoming February events in support of: TLC Summer Grants, Digital Literacy, and Rigor as Inclusive Practice. We are grateful to be part of your important work.

1. Workshops and Announcements

Announcement: Calling all SoTL Scholars: Do you teach at one of the LVAIC institutions and conduct scholarship on teaching and learning or in educational research that you would like to share? This forum will give you the opportunity to share your research as well as hear about other projects. Please complete the brief proposal form by January 31, 2022. 

Monday, January 17th, 1:30-2:30P  Notability Students with learning and attention differences will enjoy Notability's flexibility. This session will give you the background knowledge to use Notability in the classroom. Students can leverage the note-taking and audio-recording features to capture what's going on in class to help students focus their efforts on understanding rather than writing furiously. Click to Register

Wednesday, January 19th, 4:20-5:20P  Temporalities of the 'New' Normal: Reflecting on Period/Schedule Changes since 2020 Please join this Zoom roundtable of: Steve Dunham, Cecilia Fox, Akbar Keshodkar, Mary Anne Riopel, and Neil Wetzel to discuss changes in class periods/schedules which have taken place over the last 4 semesters due to COVID (for example: the 3 different period schedules in 4 semesters.) Participants will consider how they have found these changes -- have they been productive for zoom classes/in-person classes/hybrid classes?  For faculty and students getting from one class to another? Interactions before or after class? Meetings? Further, what are the benefits of maintaining these new temporal changes and/or are there aspects of the pre-COVID schedules that faculty want to see return? Zoom Link Passcode: 1742

Thursday, January 20th, 9:00-9:45A  Taking Your Canvas Quiz to the Next Level Come discover creative ways to make your Canvas quizzes/exams more secure and challenging.  Through the use of Question Banks and Question Groups, you have the flexibility to create unique quizzes for your students.  These features can randomize the question selection from a bank, which helps deter cheating in an online test.  In addition, we'll take a few minutes to better understand quiz settings. Click to Register

Friday, January 21st, 7:00-9:00A  Open Hours on Zoom: All Faculty Welcome Passcode: 1742

Friday, January 21st, 9:00-11:00A  Open Hours for First and Second Year Faculty on Zoom Passcode: 1742

Monday, January 24th, 4:30-5:30P  Future Programing and Initiatives: The Teaching and Learning Center and Ourselves Please join TLC co-chairs to discuss your ideas for TLC programming and initiatives. Question: If time and money fell out of the sky: what would/could TLC look like in 2022 and beyond? Your voice is a crucial part of the discourse community. If you are unable to attend please feel free to send ideas to Zoom Link Passcode: 1742

Tuesday, January 25th, 11:00-11:30A  Engage your Students with Zoom Online Polling - Polling is a great way to engage your students in the classroom and/or online.  We will explore the ease of creating and delivering an online Zoom poll.  This can also be used without actually meeting over Zoom. Click to Register

Wednesday, January 26th, 9:00-10:00A  Tools for Remote Learning Learn how to implement technology tools that will enhance remote instructional delivery and create more engaging lessons that can be used in any instructional scenario in-person, hybrid, or remote learning. Click to Register

Wednesday, January 26th, 3:45-4:30P  Engage your Students using PollEverywhere - Polling is a great way to engage your students in the classroom and/or online. We will explore PollEverywhere's question and reporting options that can help monitor participation and understanding in the physical classroom or online.  The free version of PollEverywhere can be used with up to 40 participants. Click to Register

Wednesday, January 26th, 4:30-5:30P  Event for First, Second, Third Year Faculty Please join this Zoom session to discuss student feedback - past, present, and future -  in the context of your own teaching/learning goals as well as national discourses about the relationship between course evaluations and pedagogical “best practices.” Zoom Link Passcode 1742.

Friday, January 28th, 7:00-9:00A  Open Hours on Zoom: All Faculty Welcome Passcode: 1742

Friday, January 28th, 9:00-11:00A  Open Hours for First and Second Year Faculty on Zoom  Passcode: 1742

Asynchronous, Our University Classroom(s): Fall Teaching and Learning. Please listen to this pre-recorded August 2021 panel to hear about how faculty from various disciplines prepare for a new semester of teaching during this time of transition. Arash Naraghi, Dawn Goodolf, Kelly Krieble, Nicole Tabor. (The link is in the title.)

Please Save the Date:
Thursday February 3, Noon-1P Summer TLC Grantee Panel. Thinking about submitting a grant for TLC project funding this summer? Or just interested in what your colleagues are up to? Then please join Kristin Baxter, Eric Sanders, Beth Gotwals, and others to hear about the progress/outcomes of their 2021 TLC-funded summer projects.

Additional February events in support of: Digital Literacy, Rigor as Inclusive Practice, and other topics.

Communities of Practice: (1) Processing Pedagogy for Promotion, (2) Learning from our Course Evaluations, and (3) Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom MOOC - please contact about meeting dates/times.

2. Professional Development Opportunities from OEI:

As usual, you are welcome to leverage QM opportunities if interested. There are free 1 hour webinars on various topics, or if you are looking to dive deeper you might consider signing up for a course. You can get $250 for your first full course completed, or for taking additional course(s)  that lead to QM certification. Contact Sarah Rentz at for more information. 

Would you like your online or hybrid course reviewed by an instructional designer, or do you have a course that you think may be close to, or ready for certification? If so, contact Sarah Rentz at to discuss.  

3. Instructional Technology Contact Information

  • Click to find out how we can help Instructional Tech - Services We Offer
  • NEW Zoom Online Office Hours for January/February Mon-Thu Noon-1pm Starting Mon, January 17th  Click to Join Liz and Nate
  • Can’t make our office hours?  Please click on our calendars below to see our availability and feel free to schedule a  Zoom session with us.

Elizabeth Tate  610-861-1633   Liz's Google Calendar
Nathan Furman  610-625-7133  Nate’s Google Calendar
*To find videos and notes from past sessions click Instructional Technology Session Recordings

Friday, January 14th Open Zoom online office hours from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!  Click here to join Liz & Nate

4. Canvas and Other Resources:

For Canvas Shells:  OEI has created a Student Resources module. This module was created using the Quality Matters Rubric and best practices, and it includes links to technical support services, academic support services, accessibility policies and services, and other essential student resources such as Reeves Library, Health Center, Student Life, Writing Center, and Counseling Center.  
This module automatically appears in every faculty member's Canvas shell and therefore should not be imported from a previous semester.  See Best Practices for Importing Course Content.

The correct module will have the blueprint icon next to the contents.

We have consolidated our instructional resources into the 
Moravian Online Education and Innovation Resources course.

Please let us know if you have ideas, suggestions, or questions. We are here and happy to help.


The TLC and OEI Team