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The Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center

Below please find information about six news items and upcoming June opportunities from TLC and OEI, including (1) New Article Announcement  (2) Workshops (3) Quality Matters (4) Instructional Technology Contact Information & Workshops (5) Canvas Resources (6) Apple Workshops

1. New Article: Attached please find a new article by Dana Dunn from the journal Canadian Psychology entitled: "The Work-life Balance of Academic Psychologists: Evidence and Anecdote." Please also note his workshop, listed below, on June 30th in support of this important topic.

2. Workshops and Events

LVAIC Book Group: LVAIC’s summer reading group aims to explore: “the newly published resource - What Inclusive Instructors Do: Principles and Practices for Excellence in College Teaching by Addy, Dube, Mitchell, and SoRelle. These sessions will provide an opportunity to explore practices and tools for improving the inclusiveness of your teaching.” Dr. Addy, and her collaborators’, evidence-based work will help participating Moravian faculty to co-create new knowledge about the relationship between teaching and inclusion. Please find further information and registration information here. Also, the book What Inclusive Instructors Do: Principles and Practices for Excellence in College Teaching by Addy, Dube, Mitchell, and SoRelle is now available in ebook format from Reeves Library. Here is the link to the book: The link is also showcased on the library's home page.

Two New Communities of Practice: 

Thu June 3, 10:00-11:00A, Info Session for a Newly forming Community of Practice: ‘Processing Pedagogy for Promotion.’ This new group will focus on how faculty articulate our pedagogical practice in the context of tenure and promotion. Please drop in for part or all of this session to learn more about this newly forming Community of Practice with Kristin Baxter and Jason Radine, Please register in advance for this meeting here.

Fri June 18, 10:00-11:00A, Info Session for a Newly forming Community of Practice: 'Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom MOOC' Please drop in for part or all of this session to learn more about this newly forming community of Practice with Carol Moeller in support of this online initiative: Co sponsored by TLC and DEI,

 Zoom Link


Tue June 1, 1:30-2:30P, Google Form Basics Register

Learn about creating and sharing your own Google Form. The session will focus upon the following: Create your form or quiz, Choose settings and preview, Send your form or quiz, Analyze or grade responses, Print a form or quiz. Any additional time remaining will be for Q&A to answer any of your Google Form needs.

Wed June 2, 1:30-2:30P, Canvas Gradebook & SpeedGrader  Register

In the Gradebook learn how to do the following: Learn how assignment groups & weighting affect the gradebook, Learn how to control the visibility of grades to students using the Grade Posting Policy, Learn how to filter and sort in the gradebook, Learn how to interpret the icons and colors, Learn about the “Message Students Who” function. In SpeedGrader learn the following: How to grade assignments, quizzes & discussions, How to provide feedback to students using multiple methods, How to give extra credit.

Fri June 4, 9:30-10:30A,  Google Sheet Basics   Register

Learn how to do the following: Create/import a spreadsheet, Formatting, Using basic formulas, Sorting and filtering, Sharing.

Tue June 8, 1:30-2:30P,  Managing Canvas Discussions   Register

Learn the following: How to set up a discussion for the entire class and for groups, How to grade a discussion, The difference between a focused and threaded discussion, How to incorporate peer review into your graded discussion.

Tue June 11, 9:30-10:30A,  EvaluationKit Reporting for Admins  Register

Learn how to create custom reports for your department.

Mon June 14, 1:30-2:30P,  Managing Canvas Groups  Register

Learn how to set up groups, create group assignments, manage, monitor, and grade group assignments.  Groups are great for projects and discussion boards!

Tue June 15, 1:00- 2:00P, FAQ about Quality Matters and Instructional Design Best Practices. Please join Sarah Rentz and Bernie Canteñs for this discussion. We will discuss both QM as well as some new internally created resources that can help you incorporate design basics into your online or hybrid course in a practical way. Zoom Link

Tue June 15, 3:00-3:30P,  Leveraging Canvas Resources  Register

Come learn how to easily navigate the support resources in Canvas, as well as, leveraging the knowledge in the Canvas Community to enrich your teaching. 

Wed June 16, 10:00-11:00A, Planning a Semester: Time Management and Course Design for the Students of Tomorrow with Kim Wynarczuk, Eric Sanders, Alison Roll, Nicole Tabor, Zoom Link

Wed June 16, 1:30-2:30P, Apple Pages Basics Register Learn how to navigate and leverage the unique features of Apple Pages on Mac and iPad. The session will focus upon the following:Intro to Pages, Word-processing or page layout? Intro to images, charts, and other objects, Create documents and books, Find a document, Open or close a document, Save and name a document, Print a document or envelope, Work in Pages, Customize Pages, Create a document using VoiceOver, Any time remaining will be for Q&A for any of your Apple Pages needs.

Thu June 17, 10:30-11:30A, Advising Across the Student Life Cycle. Please join us for a discussion of the joys and challenges of advising undergraduates across their years of study. Moderated by Monica Jacobe. This event is co-sponsored by TLC and Student Success. Zoom Link

Thu June 17, 1:30-3:00A,  Instructional Technology Boot Camp  Register

Join this 90 minute session that will give you an overview of the instructional tools that are available at Moravian.  We will explore most of the functionality in Canvas.

Fri June 18, 9:00-10:00A Introduction to Flipgrid Register

Learn how to get started with Flipgrid to empower your student's voices within the classroom. This Flipgrid session will focus on how to set groups, permissions, customization, topic creation, and other essential settings to leverage the flexibility of Flipgrid.

Mon June 21, 9:00-10:00A, Universal Design Part One: UDL Basics, Pedagogy, and Supporting All Student Learning, with Laurie Kahn and Michelle Koch, Zoom Link

Tue June 22, 1:30-2:30P, iPad Basics Register

This iPad training session will help get you familiarized with the layout and how to interact with your iPad.  Areas of focus include: Wake and unlock, Learn gestures for iPad, Adjust the volume, Change or turn off sounds, Change common iPad settings, Access features from the Lock Screen, Open apps, Take a screenshot or screen recording, Change or lock the screen orientation, Change the wallpaper, Zoom an app to fill the screen, Use your apps, Use multiple apps simultaneously, Drag and drop, Enter, select, and revise text, Search with iPad. Any additional time remaining will be for practice and Q&A for any of your iPad needs.

Thu June 24, 9:30-10:30A, Google Slides Basics Register

Learn about the basics of Google Slides. This session will focus upon the following: Create or import, Edit and format, Share and collaborate, Print and download, Access your calendar, notes, and tasks. Any remaining time in the session will be for Q&A to answer any of your Google needs.

June 28, 9:30-10:30A, Universal Design Part Two: Hands-on Approaches to UDL in the Moravian Classroom, with Laurie Kahn and Michelle Koch, Zoom Link.

Mon June 28, 1:30-2:00P,  Canvas Rubrics - Easy Grading with Standardized Feedback  Register

Come learn an effective way to communicate feedback to your students and make grading easier.

Tue June 29, 1:00-2:00PM, A Bridge from Online to In-Person Teaching, David Castañeda, Sarah Rentz, Nicole Tabor, Nate Furman, Liz Tate, Bernie Canteñs, co-sponsored with OEI and TLC. Zoom Registration Link

Wed June 30, 10:00-11:00A, Work/Life Balance and Moravian Teaching. Please join Dana Dunn to discuss work/life balance in the context of Moravian teaching and learning. He will share some of his findings from his recently published article in the journal Canadian Psychology, entitled: "The Work-life Balance of Academic Psychologists: Evidence and Anecdote" and facilitate a group discussion. Zoom Link

Wed June 30, 1:30-2:30P  Qualtrics Basics - Learn how to use our robust survey software. Come find out how to create, distribute and view data/reports in our robust Qualtrics survey software. Link TBA.

June Fridays, 8:00-10A: First and Second Year Faculty Discussion. Drop-in Zoom hours for first and second year faculty to discuss classroom organization goals, teaching and learning questions, and pedagogical support for new faculty. Join Nicole Tabor for this discussion, Zoom Link

June Wednesdays, 8:00-10A: All Faculty Discussion. Drop-in Zoom hours for all faculty to discuss pedagogical strategies. All faculty welcome. Join Nicole Tabor for this discussion, Zoom Link

Save the Date: July 13th and 14th, The Virtual Assignment Design Experience, Lafayette,The 2021 – 2022 academic year presents excellent opportunities to incorporate meaningful assignments that allow for significant learning and incorporate social justice. Join us this summer to take assignment design to the next level. All instructors at LVAIC institutions are also invited to attend.” Info/Registration Link

3. Quality Matters Workshops: 

Complete a Quality Matters Workshop - get $250!

Non-Certification Courses

  1. Improving My Online Course
  2. Evaluating Your Course Design
  3. Designing Your Online Course

For QM Certification: Applying the QM Rubric

For more information contact Sarah Rentz, Senior Instructional Designer and QM Coordinator at 

4. Instructional Technology Contact Information

Please click on our calendars below to schedule a Zoom session or feel free to email or call us. Email:  

Elizabeth Tate  610-861-1633   Liz's Google Calendar

Nathan Furman  610-625-7133  Nate’s Google Calendar

To find videos and notes from past sessions click Instructional Technology Session Recordings

5. Canvas Resources:

For Canvas Shells:  OEI has created a Student Resources  Blueprint Module. This module was created using the Quality Matters Rubric and best practices, and it includes links to technical support services, academic support services, accessibility policies and services, and other essential student resources such as Reeves Library, Health Center, Student Life, Writing Center, and Counseling Center. These services are essential to help our students succeed in your courses and in their career paths. The module is created by providing students with direct links to the corresponding offices, avoiding the need for future updates or maintenance. The direct links also make it easy and efficient for students to navigate our “campus” online and to access the resources that are available for them to succeed.  This module will appear in every faculty member's Canvas shell.

We have consolidated our instructional resources into one Canvas Shell:  Moravian Online Education and Innovation Resources. Here you will find extensive information on the following:

  • Moving online fundamentals
  • Getting started with canvas
  • Syllabus (How to upload your syllabus to Canvas)
  • Assessment and Measurement 
  • Student Orientation
  • Accessibility and Usability
  • Zoom and Video Conferencing
  • Course Technology 

We know there are many unknowns about what this fall will bring, but we are here to support you. If you have any questions please contact  or Bernie Cantens at

6. Apple workshops: Virtual one-on-one coaching sessions with Apple Professional Learning specialists are available for free to help educators hone their approach to online student learning and workflows. Send an email to to request a virtual coaching session. 

Additional resources may be added throughout the month. Please find updates and additional links on the TLC website and OEI Website. Please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions. Your ideas matter to us. We are grateful to be part of your important work. Thank you for your kind consideration.