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HIST 192: Food in Mexico

Spring Break: February 28 to March 8 2025

Course held Spring I 2024

This course will explore Mexican cuisine and what it tells us about Mexico’s history by focusing on the city of Oaxaca, located in Southern Mexico. Toward the end of our eight-week course, we will spend one week exploring the city of Oaxaca and its surroundings to learn about sustainable agriculture, traditional cooking techniques, local food and foodways, art, and culture.


Dr. Sandra Aguilar-Rodriguez


Dr. Claudia Mesa

Modern Languages & Literatures


  • Self-Pay Total Cost:  $2,825
  • Your Out-Of-Pocket Cost After Elevate Credit has been Applied (Valued at $2,600 for eligible students):  $225
  • For all travelers:
    • Insurance Fee:  $90 charged directly to your Student Account
    • Recommended for Personal Funds: $300-$500
    • Tuition: None, if taken in spring semester course load.

Quick Facts

  • Application Deadline:  October 15, 2024
  • Program Length:  10 days
  • Credits:  1 Unit 
  • Eligibility:  Undergraduate MU student; 2.0 GPA or higher, meet with professor prior to Travel Agreement submission.
  • Language: English; Spanish helpful but not required.

All the landmarks mentioned in this itinerary will be visited. Some changes may be made in the order they will be visited depending upon the weather.

Day 1: Fly from the United States and to Oaxaca Mexico 

Day 2: Breakfast at the hotel. Visit the town of Tlaxiaco located two and a half hours away from Oaxaca. We will explore its market, colonial convents of San Pedro and San Pablo Teposcolula and Santo Domingo de Yanhuitlán. Visit the regional museum of Huajuapan. 

Day 3: Breakfast at the hotel. Visit the pre-Columbian city of Mitla, built in 900 BCE and located one hour away for Oaxaca. Lunch at Tlamanalli, one of the best restaurants in the region, where chef Abigail Mendoza Ruiz is working to preserve traditional foods and techniques. Free afternoon. 

Day 4: Breakfast at the hotel and guided visit to the pre-Columbian city of Monte Alban, built at around 500 BC. Then eat lunch at a traditional Oaxacan restaurant followed by a visit to the central market and traditional chocolate maker.

Day 5: Breakfast at the hotel. Visit Tierra del Sol, a sustainable farm, located 45 minutes away from Oaxaca. Have lunch in the area and visit the sixteenth-century church of San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya.

Day 6: Breakfast at the hotel. Visit the Oaxaca cathedral, built in between 1573-1733. Then we will tour the botanical garden and the ex-convent of Santo Domingo. Have lunch and then visit the photography museum.

Day 7: Breakfast at the hotel. Explore two of the most important museums of Oaxaca, the Museum of the Oaxacan Painters and the Pre-Hispanic Museum. Free time to explore the city.

Day 8: Breakfast at the hotel. Visit local arts and crafts market to taste some of the street foods. Free time to explore the city and dinner together at Levadura de Olla

Day 9: Fly from the Oaxaca to the United States. 

*All visits outside of the city of Oaxaca will be done via a private shuttle, while most visits within the downtown will be done via foot.

COVID-19 Disclaimer

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