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Pagoda and cherry blossom tree in South Korea

South Korea

Korea Travel Course

May Term: May 11 to May 23, 2025

Course held during May Term 2025

South Korea is a rich and thriving country known for its cutting edge technology, popular culture, and exciting cuisine. Dr. Holly Seonyeong Jo is a native Korean professor whose teaching and research in comparative politics offers students foundational lessons in the history, economics, politics, geography, and culture of South Korea. Our destinations include Seoul, Busan, and Jeju Island. In Seoul, we will visit places such as the Blue House, Gyeongbok palace, Dongdaemun market, and the DMZ. In Busan, South Korea’s second largest city, we will stroll along the Haeundae Beach, shop at Jagalchi Fish market, and tour around the historic streets of Gamcheon Culture Village. Lastly, in Jeju Island, designated as a UNESCO world heritage site, we will explore the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak and hike the Halla National Park. 

In a series of class meetings prior to departure, students receive an introduction to language, etiquette, food, currency, and popular culture. Students will receive basic instruction in useful Korean phrases as well as hands-on practice with the Hangul alphabet.The travel portion of this course is two weeks. Students from all disciplines are welcome. There are no prerequisites.


Dr. Holly Seonyeong Jo

Political Science

Dr. Khristina H. Haddad

Political Science


  • Self-Pay Total Cost:  $4,100
  • Your Out-Of-Pocket Cost After Elevate Credit has been Applied (Valued at $2,600 for eligible students):  $1,500
  • For all travelers:
    • Insurance Fee:  $90 charged directly to your Student Account
    • Recommended for Personal Funds: $500
    • Tuition: $820 for one unit

Quick Facts

  • Application Deadline:  November 15, 2024
  • Program Length: 13 Days
  • Units:  1
  • Eligibility: Sophomore standing or higher, ability to walk 7.5+ miles or 15k+ steps per day
  • Language:  English

All the landmarks mentioned in this itinerary will be visited. Some changes may be made in the order they will be visited depending upon the weather.

Day 1: Departure from U.S. Depart from the U.S: for Seoul on an approximately 18-hour flight with a stop.

Day 2: Arrival in Seoul: Upon arrival in Seoul, check-in at accommodation and enjoy a welcome dinner to introduce the itinerary.

Day 3: Explore Central Seoul: Begin the day by visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace, then explore Bukchon Hanok Village for a glimpse of traditional Korean houses. Afterward, head to Insadong for traditional Korean crafts and street food, followed by an evening walk along Cheonggyecheon Stream.

Day 4: Political Seoul: Today's itinerary includes a visit to the Blue House, now a public park, and the National Assembly.

Day 5: Modern Seoul: Explore the contemporary side of Seoul with visits to Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Dongdaemun Fashion District, Myeongdong for shopping, and Namsan Seoul Tower for panoramic views.

Day 6: DMZ (Demilitarized Zone): Embark on a tour to the DMZ, a significant historical and political area.

Day 7: Travel to Busan: Travel to Busan, the port city, and explore attractions like Gamcheon Culture Village and Jagalchi Fish Market.

Day 8: Coastal Beauty: Enjoy the coastal beauty of Busan with visits to Haeundae Beach, Beomeosa Temple, and relaxation time at Dongbaek Island Park.

Day 9: Adventure and Leisure: Visit Shinsegae Centum City, indulge in a day at Spa Land Centum City, and enjoy free time for exploration.

Day 10: Fly to Jeju Island: Explore attractions such as Jeju 4.3 Peace Park, Manjanggul Cave, and Yongduam Rock.

Day 11: Jeju Island Highlights: Explore Hallasan National Park, a highlight of Jeju Island.

Day 12: Explore Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak: Visit Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, relax at Jungmun Saekdal Beach, and visit the O'Sulloc Tea Museum.

Day 13: Farewell and Departure: Spend the morning at leisure, enjoy a farewell lunch, then depart from Jeju Island to Incheon. Depart from Jeju International Airport to Gimpo International Airport in Seoul, using the airport train from Gimpo to ICN International Airport.

COVID-19 Disclaimer

COVID-19 Disclaimer: Due to the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic we cannot guarantee travel or entrance into a destination or a program because of COVID-19 related delays and /or closures.  In addition, should travel occur outside of the United States or between States, we cannot guarantee re-entry with or without vaccine requirement and/or quarantine as determined by the intended destination and return location. Moravian University encourages travelers to comply with the COVID vaccine entry/exit requirements as detailed by their intended destination and/or program.  Please see the complete COVID-19 disclaimer here.