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Economics and Business

Economics and Business Student Learning Outcomes

  • Critical Thinking - Students will identify problems, gather the necessary evidence from multiple sources, and then organize, reflect, and evaluate it to develop reasoned conclusions.
  • Ethical Foundation - Students will be able to identify ethical issues in a variety of contexts, consider how different ethical perspectives and frameworks can be applied to ethical dilemmas, and evaluate alternative courses of action.
  • Global Perspective - Students will develop an awareness of diversity across the spectrum of differences and consider these differences in the analysis of global realities and challenges.
  • Integration - Students will identify and apply connections among theories within their major discipline, across disciplines, and through the application of theory to practice in experiential fieldwork.
  • Communication - Students will effectively communicate with their intended audience through active listening, public speaking, and written communication.

A compilation of student learning objectives at the department, major, and program levels is available on the Accreditation, Assessment, and Student Outcomes page of this website.