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Dual Degree 4 + 1

Graduate Students

Dual Degree 4 + 1

The Dual Degree 4 + 1 program provides our undergraduate students the opportunity to earn two degrees in one stop. Couple your undergraduate degree with any one of our four graduate master degrees: Master of Business Administration and Master of Health Administration. How? You'll begin taking graduate-level courses in your senior year to help you transition into a full, final year of graduate studies.

Save Money, Save Time

Enrolling in the 4 + 1 program will save you a total of 44% off your graduate degree tuition. Additionally, completing the graduate degree in just one year will save you one year of living expenses while qualifying you for master's degree-preferred or -required job opportunities.

Available Degrees

 MGMT 4 + 1 MBA
 ACCT 4 + 1 MBA
 MGMT 4 + 1 MHA

Let's Talk.

For more information regarding the Dual Degree 4 + 1 program please contact Angelo Fattore, Student Experience Mentor, at (610) 625-7742.