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Moravian College
Student Handbook

Americans With Disabilities ACt Grievance Process

Services provided by the Accessibility Services Center are available through links provided on the Academic Resources section of the Student Handbook. A student who disagrees with an action or decision of a disability support provider, faculty member, or College administrator, may file a grievance with the Director of Career Development, who serves as the College's Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coordinator for students. The grievance must be submitted in writing using this form. The ADA Coordinator will review the student's complaint and investigate the action or decision in question. The ADA Coordinator will issue a written decision within two weeks of receiving the grievance.

The student may appeal the ADA coordinator's decision to the president of the College. An appeal must be submitted in writing. The president will respond to the appeal in writing within two weeks.

If a period longer than two weeks is needed for either the ADA coordinator or the president of the College to complete an investigation and render a decision, the student will be notified of this in writing and given a specific time-frame for a decision to be made.

A detailed copy of the complete ADA Grievance Procedure may be reviewed here or obtained in the Accessibility Services Center.